And guess who didn’t score so great?

FreedomWorks has released a new interactive congressional scorecard available on its website. This is an impressive tool to do some rudimentary research on the voting records of our elected officials. Note that this is not a total of 100% of the bills for review; rather these bills are a set of bills selected by FreedomWorks. Specifically:

About Scorecards

FreedomWorks identifies the most important votes on issues of economic freedom and scores Members of Congress based on their votes. We use a scale of 100, so the higher the score the more often the Member is on our side fighting for lower taxes, less government and more freedom.

Remember: Politics go to those who show up. So show up at their office. Show up on the phone. Show up in the mail. And let them know you are watching their votes closely. Take our scorecard with you and let them know both what you like and what you dislike.

Taking a quick peek at 2012 as compiled to date, both Congressmen Cantor and Forbes have fairly disappointing scores compared to previous years. And taking a look back over time, our VA republican house delegation scores lower than many, many other congressman in other districts nationwide. It’s not much better in 2011. Congressmen Cantor and Forbes scored 73 and 70, respectively. And I don’t need to tell you how abysmal our Senators scored. We can do better….and we need to DEMAND better.

Please share this tool far and wide. On the website you can “Like” the scorecard on Facebook to share it with your friends as well. Knowledge empowers you….use it!