From Breitbart today, a story about the tea party’s current state of influence. Timely article given Speaker Boehner’s inability to get his “Plan B” bill passed, which would extend current tax rates on most Americans while increasing those making more than $1 million annually.



From the article:

If the Tea Party has been weakened by the November election, why are the mainstream media expending so much effort attacking it?

The latest attempt is today’s front-page article by the New York Times, which alleges that the Tea Party is turning to “narrower” issues and suggests, none too subtly, that Congress should stop paying attention to it.

As proof, the Times offers the fact that Republican leaders “have embraced raising tax revenues in budget negotiations, repudiating a central tenet of the Tea Party.” It ignores the fact that Republican leaders could not muster the votes in the House to pass those proposals.

To the great frustration of the mainstream media and the GOP establishment alike, the Tea Party continues to hold the line against tax hikes and new bailouts. It also won a significant victory with the recent passage of right-to-work legislation in Michigan.

Our work is far, far from done…but we are picking up some victories.

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h/t Breitbart