Supreme Court


Virginians for Quality Healthcare disappointed at Supreme Court decision in theKing vs. Burwell case re: Obamacare.

Virginians lose out on significant benefits due to decision.

Ruling in favor of fewer jobs, lower wages and higher healthcare costs.


CHANTILLY, VA, June 25, 2015 – Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) expresses its disappointment at the Supreme Court decision in favor of Burwell in the case of King vs. Burwell. The ruling enables subsidies to flow through federal health insurance exchanges under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) despite the law’s language, which clearly says that health insurance subsidies can only flow through state exchanges.This Supreme Court decision keeps in place the law’s most harmful provisions that would have gone away for Virginians and citizens of other states without an Obamacare Exchange had the decision been in favor of King:a.Employer Mandate – fewer jobs and part-time hours
b.Individual Mandate – Government decides your health insurance
c.No ability to purchase low-cost “catastrophic plans” that they liked before Obamacare took them away
d.Increase in our kids’ debt by hundreds of billions of dollars.“We are very disappointed that Virginians will continue to be harmed by some of the worst requirements of Obamacare because the Supreme Court decided not to uphold the law as it was written,” said Susan Lider, executive director of VQH. “Now it is time to redouble our efforts to completely repeal Obamacare to free everyone from this costly and dangerous law that puts the government, not patients and doctors in charge of healthcare.”