Every single improper or illegal vote that is cast in an election diminishes/minimizes the vote by another that was cast properly. Would you want YOUR vote to be neutralized by the vote of someone not in the country legally? Well, Governor McAuliffe is about to take executive action, bypassing the legislature, to change voting procedures. Please read the below message from VA State Senator Tom Garrett:

From the desk of Virginia State Senator Tom Garrett

If you could stop illegal aliens voting in the 2015 Virginia elections, would you?

Together, WE can.

If we let Terry McAuliffe have his way, illegal aliens will be able to vote just like you and me — unless you make time to help.  I need you come tell Terry your Virginia will count only the vote of her citizens.

JOIN ME TUESDAY, JULY 28TH at a pivotal meeting.

The Virginia Code currently requires that voting applicants check YES to affirm that they are not a felon, are not mentally incompetent, and that they ARE a citizen.  Leaving these portions incomplete is deemed a ‘material omission’ — for now.   Those who don’t at least SAY they are a citizen are denied the right to vote.  On July 28th, Terry McAulliffe’s State Board of Elections will take up a motion to change this.

McAuliffe refuses to go through the Legislature as the Constitution requires. The Board will use “executive authority” to change the application of the law instead of respecting the will of the Legislature elected by Virginians.  (Does this sound familiar?)

McAuliffe’s changes would instruct election directors across Virginia to the ignore the blank boxes.  It would further direct that an applicant who will NOT affirm that they are a citizen, or mentally competent, or not a felon be registered to vote.

You heard that right.

Anyone: a felon, an illegal alien, an illegal alien felon — anyone may register to vote in Virginia IF Terry McAuliffe’s SBE issues this “administrative change.”

We can thwart McAuliffe’s attempt to disregard the Constitution.
This is important. I NEED YOU TO SHOW UP July 28th.

Join me, along with several special guests, to tell Governor McAulliffe that, in Virginia, we count every LEGAL vote.

I need you to join me in stopping this erosion of our franchise. In the end one vote should count as one vote. Every single illegal vote waters down your ability to participate in our democracy.

You are receiving this invitation because someone recognized that you share my opinion: the franchise is a right granted to citizens, and that elections should tally legally cast ballots.  (These administrative changes would turn a blind eye on illegal voting.  Though the votes would still be illegal, there would be almost no way, short of challenging every ballot, to keep them from being counted.)

WHO:  State Senator Tom Garrett and GOP Senate Nominee Amanda Chase

 Virginia State Board of Elections Meeting
Coffee and donuts served as a THANK YOU FOR COMING

  July 28, 2015, 8:00am

WHERE:  Doubletree Hotel, 1021 Koger Center Boulevard, Richmond VA 23235

QUESTIONS:  Contact Kevin Reynolds, Chief of Staff for Senator Tom Garrett
(434) 944-7770 email:  district22@senate.virginia.gov

Please forward this message.  On July 28th, tell Terry McAulliffe that we value the sanctity of the ballot, and that only citizens should enjoy the right to vote.

View the links below to the current Code as well as the proposed changes.
Current Code:

Failure to complete items 1 and 5 on the following link would no longer be a ‘material omission’


Proposed changes:


Though the current law will not change, a faceless McAulliffe bureaucrat will simply instruct that it not be enforced by deeming required data no longer ‘material’.