2016’s unprecedented Presidential election is behind us. What happened in Virginia?:

President: Hillary Clinton won Virginia with 49.76% of the vote while Donald Trump received 44.97% of the vote. Virginia’s more urban areas were carried by the Democrats while the Republicans carried the more rural areas of the Commonwealth.

Congress: Virginia will welcome 3 new Congressional representatives with 1 seat switching from Republican to Democrat.

  • 1st Congressional District – Incumbent Rob Wittman (R) won his race with 60.7% of the vote
  • 2nd Congressional District: Virginia House of Delegates member Scott Taylor (R) won this open seat with 61.58% of the vote
  • 3rd Congressional District: Incumbent Bobby Scott (D) won his race with 66.52% of the vote
  • 4th Congressional District: Virginia state Senator Donald McEachin (D) won this open seat with 56.99% of the vote
  • 5th Congressional District: Virginia state Senator Tom Garrett (R) won this open seat with 58.18% of the vote
  • 6th Congressional District: Incumbent Bob Goodlatte (R) won his race with 66.6% of the vote
  • 7th Congressional District: Incumbent David Brat (R) won his race with 57.66% of the vote
  • 8th Congressional District: Incumbent Don Beyer (D) won his race with 68.36% of the vote
  • 9th Congressional District: Incumbent Morgan Griffith (R) won his race with 68.61% of the vote
  • 10th Congressional District: Incumbent Barbara Comstock (R) won her race with 52.65% of the vote
  • 11th Congressional District: Incumbent Gerry Connolly (D) was unopposed and garnered 87.65% of the vote

Virginia General Assembly: There were 4 Special Elections for Senate and House of Delegate seats that had become vacated.

  • Senate District 1: Delegate Monte Mason (D) won this seat with 57.92 % of the vote
  • Senate District 5: Delegate Lionell Spruill (D) ran unopposed and won this seat with 96.04% of the vote
  • House of Delegates District 77: Cliff Hayes (D) ran unopposed and won this seat with 96.94% of the vote
  • House of Delegates District 93: Michael Mullin (D) won this seat with 52.53% of the vote

Referendums: Virginia had 2 statewide referendums on the ballot

  • Right to Work: Virginia’s Right to Work law has been in place for 70 years. The effort to place it in the Constitution failed with 53.62% of the voters voting against the measure.
  • Exemption from Real Property Tax for Spouses of First Responders killed in the line of duty: 79.59% of voters supported this amendment.

What happens next?

  • Virginia will set Special Election dates for the Virginia 9th and 22nd state Senate Districts and the 85th District House of Delegates seats that will be vacated as the current office holders move to the 2nd, 4th and 5th Congressional District seats that were won yesterday.
  • The Virginia General Assembly Session begins January 11, 2017. (Sign up for action alerts HERE)
  • The Presidential Inauguration will be held January 20, 2017.
  • 2017 will be the election cycle for the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General seats as well as the full 100 members of the House of Delegates.