What a Conservative Candidate Sounds Like

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Bill Whittle continues to impress with his common sense take on American culture and politics. Below is a link to his comments at the “Restoration Weekend 2012” event on November 15th-18th. Here Bill talks about the failure of our messengers to deliver our conservative message, and how that message is a winner when delivered properly. [...]

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The Next Greatest Generation

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The Next Greatest Generation Written by Scott Cooper As we speed down the super-highway towards financial Armageddon, each of us must ask ourselves, as individuals – am I a giver or am I a taker?  Will I help prevent the collapse, or will I enhance it?    Am I okay with my grandkids having a lesser [...]

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Are we a Democracy or a Republic?

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In the fall of 1787 Our Founding Fathers provided us a unique form of Government.  It was based on pieces of tried and true principles of past governments.  The Articles of Confederation was not working; the central Government was to weak.  The 2nd Constitutional Convention was called to amend the articles.  The first meeting, it [...]

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July 4th…Also Known As Independence Day

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Today is the 4th of July, 2011. Over 200 years ago our nation began. Our founders declared independence. Today is not a day we celebrate fireworks. But it is the day we celebrate Liberty. Please take a minute and read the words contained in the Declaration of Independence. If you don’t see the similarities to [...]

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Stoking The Fires Of Liberty

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By Josh Pratt Significant political victories throughout the country at both the federal and state levels have wrung a deafening alarm to the liberal establishment that real ‘hope and change’ has come in the form of a social movement; a tsunami fed by multiple little streams of local influence called the TEA Party. TEA Party Patriots, 912 groups, and other liberty minded federations across the country brought to the American political experience a true grit grassroots brushfire that was a [...]