Dear Fellow Patriots,

We are pleased to present the first annual tea party summit on education!

Saturday July 30, 2011 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

UPDATE: $$$ This event is NOT free. Visit the registration link that was posted in the comments. Also note the dress code.

We are holding this event because it has become clear that the heritage and foundational principles that made us the greatest country in the world are not being taught or are being distorted in K-12 education. Our public schools are not teaching kids the importance of the rule of law, economic freedom and individual achievement. Why is it important to gather and work together on this topic? Well, a recent article stated that Virginia schools received a “C” grade for teaching  politically biased American history!

This is perilous  and if we don’t act, our hard work will be undone by an entire generation that doesn’t understand or is actively opposed to individual freedom!

This seminar will provide you with an action plan that you can implement.


Our goal is to build a coalition of tea party leaders, activists and educators that can work together to be more effective.

You will leave with a step by step action plan, resources, tools, and a support system to truly make a difference. We have invited national organizations that are 100% focused on getting young people not only the right information but also inspiring and engaging them on American exceptionalism. This seminar will tell you how to do it!

We have had a huge response from numerous organizations, and currently have a waiting list because they all want to share their programs and curriculum.

Speakers include:

New Renaissance in Education (speaker: Ed Ametteti). NRIE is a community of educators, parents and citizens working together to ensure that  our next generation of children is taught America’s heritage and the foundations of a free society. NRIE achieves this mission by offering K-12 curriculum and educational programs to schools, student groups and local communities through local NRIE Chapters, the internet community and by working with local elected officials.

American Heritage Education Foundation, Houston, TX (speaker: Ginger Martin). AHEF offers dozens of 60-minute lesson plans from K thru 12 in PDF and CD format available to teachers, schools  and families for free with subjects ranging from The Mayflower Compact, Bill of Rights: Rights and Responsibilities, Entrepreneurs in History, Famous Speeches and Presidential Addresses; The US Flag Code; and American Heritage Themes – you name it.

Liberty and Law Institute,  North Carolina (speaker: Neal Ellis). LLI has a complete 5-day Constitution curriculum for elementary and middle schools taught by trained teachers in dozens of schools.

CATO Institute (speaker: Adam Schaeffer) will present information on the Universal Tax Credit. The UTC will be pushed in the upcoming Virginia legislative session and Adam will give you the nuts and bolts of the bill as well as information on similar legislation around the country.

Lunch Hour Speaker

We also are pleased to have Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, tea party activist, speaker  and author of “Echoes in Communism”, who will engage you with her personal story of a childhood in Romania and the educational system in place at that time. Here is an article on American Exceptionalism by Dr. Paugh.

More organizations and speakers are being added weekly and we will update you by email!
Afternoon Breakout Sessions

After lunch, the speakers will serve as facilitators of round table discussions on the various programs and your input and ideas will be very important. This will assist you in developing your personal plan of action and build alliances. We will wrap up those discussions and leave with a game plan.

Take Home Guide and Resources

You will receive a full action plan and resources in writing from every organization. A comprehensive, literal “how to” guide for each and every program and idea, no matter how small a step you take! There will be follow up and support planned for everyone. Future meetings and networking will be shaped by group need and consensus.