Webinar: General Assembly Recap with Ken Cuccinelli

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The Tea Party Patriots Federation CoLA Team and Ken Cuccinelli present FREEDOM BILLS 2015 General Assembly Recap Where do we go from here? Online Webinar – March 31st, 8PM We are very pleased to have former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joining the CoLA Team for this discussion and Q&A. ...

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Learn to be EFFECTIVE: November Self-Governance Classes

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We believe strongly that taking the courses from the Center for Self-Governance is one of the best ways to learn to be an effective activist. The courses are to be taken in order (required), with each student progressing up through the classes until co...

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Mike Huckabee Cannot Be Trusted

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I know that lots of tea party folks like Governor Mike Huckabee, but he’s actually not so great of a politician… his record as governor has some serious problems. I’ve always seen him (in my opinion) as a shyster…a used car salesman-type (no offense to ETHICAL used car salesm...

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Stop the Common Core

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Why in the world is the federal government involved in setting nationwide education standards? Exactly where is that power given to the federal government? Don’t these people realize that you get the absolute BEST education outcomes when states are free to experiment/manage their own education methods and standards? We’re supposed to have 50 individual experiment [...]

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Training for New Political Candidates Coming to Richmond

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American Majority is the leading developer of the nation’s new 21st century grassroots political infrastructure with the most effective tools to promote liberty through limited government.  They will be hosting a training for new leaders who desire to step forward as candidates.  The training would also be excellent for those desiring to become campaign managers or [...]

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Tax Breaks for Virginia’s Old Schools?

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Early in December the Fauquier Times Democrat published a letter co-authored by Senators Webb and Warner, Governor McDonnell, House Representative Cantor and U.S. Senate candidates Allen and Kaine entitled “Update tax policy, rebuild schools.” The letter was written in praise of tax breaks that are to be given to private companies who join in a [...]

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The Constitution of the United States of America has endured over two centuries. Yet modern liberalism and activist judges have rejected America’s core principles, denigrating some constitutional rights with which they disagree, and making up others. The future of liberty depends on America reclaiming its constitutional first principles. The Heritage Foundation’s Preserve the Constitution Series [...]

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First Annual Tea Party Summit on Education

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Dear Fellow Patriots, We are pleased to present the first annual tea party summit on education! Saturday July 30, 2011 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM UPDATE: $$$ This event is NOT free. Visit the registration link that was posted in the comments. Also note the dress code. We are holding this event because it [...]

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Virginia Tea Party Patriots Applauds Governor McDonnell’s Budget Decisions on Education

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When the Governor took office he was faced with the challenge of balancing the budget while facing a 2.2 billion dollar shortfall, with a projected 4 billion dollar deficit over the next two years.  To this end, the Governor recommended a decrease in funding to education, a recommendation that has drawn recent criticism. However, these cuts are not only necessary but reasonable. A closer examination of education shows that funding has significantly out-paced enrollment.  Over the past decade funding to [...]