The Chilling Specter of Show Trials & the Consequences of Left-Wing Rule

Now we know what it’s like to be under the boot of a totalitarian left-wing government. The swiftness of our fall has been astonishing even as we expected it with the take-over of our nation by left-wing extremist and radicals. The sheer depth of national disintegration of much of all the good that we have been and all the greatness that we could still achieve has been breath taking. And now comes the orchestrated show trials of the January 6th Committee that only fans of Soviet style politburo could love and with Hollywood helping out with the scripting and optics, who could ask for more. Hollywood is the undisputed champion in creating images and story lines. If the point of this trial is to create a false narrative supported by all that the weaponized governmental agencies can bring to bear, then Hollywood should do the trick. And it doesn’t matter if the world knows it is propaganda if you have the majority of news and communication platforms at your beck and call.

Such is the power of one-party state rule. Russia knows all about that. So does Cuba, Venezuela, China and North Korea. Those countries all are one party state rule nations. All left-wing rule is known as Marxist, communist, or socialist. In our country, these descriptions are usually not publicly embraced, but the methods and tactics are. No other group or movement in our nation could get away with the sheer abuse of power that is being exercised by the Democrats. The Mafia couldn’t get away with this. Nor could any other political party. Not even the military would be able to carry this off. No. The breadth and scope of this power has been on full display for years, and now it has come down to show trials and political prisoners in DC. Don’t take my word for it, go visit the DC Gulag jails where over 800 descent patriots are being held most of whom with clean records and most of whom could not even be charged with trespassing. Compare their plight to that of the roving band of thugs, looters, arsonist and violent left-wing hate groups that burned, pillaged, looted and destroyed countless communities, businesses and churches in their paths. Not one committee convened on these years of tragic lawlessness. Not one series of condemnations by the left. But plenty of celebration, excuses and gifting of millions of dollars to these warlords and street thugs. They even publicly bowed before them. So, what do we do?

Last year’s Virginia electoral miracle demonstrated in dramatic fashion what still can be done even with the deck stacked against clean and honest elections. We proved that rising in unity, we can overcome the worst conditions the left can impose on all of us. Make no mistake, last year’s success is just a beginning for restoring the Republic. So now the winning formula remains coming out in record numbers to overwhelm the ballot booths with voters, poll watchers and election officers. And in the meantime, I urge that at every opportunity, we gather together in strong numbers for workshops, events or conferences, where we can get to know one another and work out our battle plans in viable and practical ways.

This Saturday, June 25th, 2022, the Surge and Purge Summit promises to be the event of the year hosted by the Virginia Tea Party. VATP continues to be front and center in supporting all freedom groups and strengthening allied coalitions. On this day, we will be uniting good people and rolling out pragmatic action plans. The Summit will be headlined by General Michael Flynn and we’ll have a powerful lineup of coalition leaders and groups, like the VCDL, Freedom works, and the Heritage Foundation to name some. We will also have Dr. Paul Marik who is a living profile in courage in supporting and fighting for medical freedom for all of us. He has a very powerful story with a powerful message. For all who don’t know what to do and feel alone, joining us for this Surge and Purge Summit will be a strong and good beginning start to being a valued member of the army of the willing.

With Resolve and Gratitude,
Nelson Velez