It has been over a year and a half since the patriot tea party groups and their treasured natural allies have been able to come together in a summit. We have always been a surprisingly tough adversary Рtenacious, resolute and principled. But, as it was for us in the beginning over a decade ago continues to be true today. Our magic comes from being together in real time, in a real place, among real people. The time for such a gathering has finally arrived. The Virginia Tea Party brings us all back together under one roof again. The Backlash Against Socialism Summit ushers in for all of us a chance to rekindle that magic in all its glory. And it is hoped that along with the timely substance and depth of this summit with its formidable lineup of presenters, that we leave that day inspired to tear down the socialist machine that has threaten to devour our children, our society, our peace, our sanity and our Republic.

We stand together. Whatever has divided us in the past among the good, the principled and the winter warriors are issues that we can no longer consider as important as the threat we all face today. We no longer can afford to dwell and simmer over perceived slights or over turf wars between one good group of patriots against another good group. What we all have witnessed this past decade has made many of these groups come to the somber realization that the left-wing sledge hammer is coming down hard and it is coming down hard on all of us. The harsh crucible of this nihilistic reality has made the emergence of strong, united and resolute coalitions a reality. It is this reality that stands as our last great chance to restore the Republic and purge our society of the culture of intolerance, racial division, violence, crime and insanity and save our Republic.

So join us Saturday June 26th, 2021, as we once again gather together as armies of the willing (see details for registration on the website). The Backlash Against Socialism Summit is one that will bring us all together to participate in a powerful forum. We will have leaders from many patriot freedom groups. Among these groups will be natural allies who have worked together for years and now have a good track record of supporting one another on significant initiatives and projects. We have the Chair of the RVP as well as possibly the GOP candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General as supporters and participants in this event. This event may also see our coalitions emerge as increasingly powerful and united. We hope that Saturday June 26th, 2021, will be a watershed event that will set in motion the downfall of the greatest threat to American freedom and way of life that this nation has ever faced. We serve the pivotal backlash here first in Virginia as a hopeful nation watches our election results. It is hoped that our victory will then sweep the nation as other states follow our lead once again for freedom’s sake just as they did over 200 years ago.

With Resolve & Goodwill,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party