““It certainly can be argued that such policies are ineffectual because persons who wish to perpetrate violence will ignore them, and that the net effect of such policies is to leave defenseless the law-abiding citizens who follow these policies,”
Ken Cuccinelli

VCDL Alert just informed me of the following:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) has just released an opinion requested by Senator Emmett Hanger which says that the University of Virginia’s campus gun ban **policy** isn’t worth the paper it is written on for CHP holders. Cuccinelli said that they can restrict open carriers from certain buildings based on simple trespass law, but NOT CHP holders. He also said that a campus-wide ban is simply a non-starter, even for open carriers.

However, students, faculty and staff can still be controlled by the school’s policy, allowing them to be expelled or fired, respectively for breaking the policy.

This is exactly how VCDL’s Corporate Attorney, Richard Gardiner, had read the recent Supreme Court ruling when it was released on “DiGiacinto v. Rector and Visitors of George Mason University.”

For a school like UVA to be able to ban guns in their buildings like GMU does, they would need to go through the complete administrative process to get a regulation added to the Virginia Administration Code. That would require public hearings.

If such a thing is done by any university or college, VCDL needs to have its members show up en mass to indicate our opposition to any such regulation.

Thanks to VCDL EM Hal Macklin for finding the breaking story.

Here is a link to the opinion in PDF format: