The Alarm is Sounding Across
the Nation About Agenda 21.

Dear Friend:

I need your help to spread the message because time is running out for American freedom and independence. .
Here is the threat

Agenda 21 is a threat coming from the United Nations that is invading every city and town in the nation. It leads to control over private property, energy use, water use; it means government will control how hot your shower may be, how much air conditioning or heat you may use, controls on owning and using your car, controls on food production, controls on population growth, and so much more.

The policy of Agenda 21 comes in many names, such as Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, historic preservation, diversity, open space, heritage areas and comprehensive planning.

It all means locking away land, resources, higher prices, sacrifice and shortages and is based on the age old socialist scheme of redistribution of wealth.

Agenda 21 is being implemented in your community by a hoard of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with private political agendas. They surround your elected officials and pressure them to accept these policies.

The most prominent NGO is called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). More than 600 American cities are paying dues to ICLEI to set up Agenda 21 plans and policies that control your life.

Through the enforcement of non-elected boards, councils and regional governments, Agenda 21 is the blueprint to turn your community into a little soviet. Our nation is being transformed into a centrally-controlled planned economy – the exact opposite of America’s unique Republic.

But there is now a growing battle to stop Agenda 21.

And my organization, The American Policy Center (APC) is the recognized leader in this fight.

Desperate Americans are looking to APC for help.

I am buried under calls and letters of people asking for help in their community. The invitations to speak to groups are overwhelming.

The number of people visiting the APC Internet web site has doubled in just the past two months as desperate people are learning about us and downloading our Sustainable Development special reports and articles.

And for the very first time I am getting phone calls from elected officials who want to talk to me about these policies they are being forced to put into place. They want to understand and learn how to fight back.

As a direct result of APC’s efforts, we are winning some astounding fights.

Let me give you just a sample of what has happened across the nation in battle after battle in local communities to remove ICLEI and stop the spread of Sustainable Development – in just the past 6 months:

  • In February, Carroll County, Maryland elected 5 new county commissioners. Their first act was to close the county’s Sustainable Development Office and fire its manager. They then ended their contract with ICLEI and rejected the county’s ICLEI-written comprehensive development plan – telling the planning commission to re-work it to protect property rights and assure the plan was in compliance with the U.S. Constitution. Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild called me soon after his election and told me it was APC materials that he used to educate the other commissioners and lead the fight.
  • Also in February, Amador County, California was the second community to reject its contract with ICLEI and begin to dismantle the Sustainable Development policies that had been put in place. The effort was led by the “Mother Lode Tea Party.”
  • In March, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania became the third community to reject its ICLEI contract and send them packing. The effort was again led by local activists Ruth Miller and Maggie Roddin, armed with APC materials. I had talked several times with these leaders before they led their successful effort.
  • In April, Edmond, Oklahoma became the fourth community to reject ICLEI and its policies. The Edmond City Council was confronted by nearly 200 citizens demanding that the city end its contract with ICLEI.
  • In May, Las Cruces, New Mexico became the fifth community to out ICLEI and I have been invited to be the keynote speaker at a conference there this summer, sponsored by the group that led the ICLEI fight.
  • In June, Spartanburg, SC became city number 6 to oust ICLEI by a city council vote of six to zero.
  • Also in June, Albemarle County, Virginia Board of Supervisors voted 4–2 to reject its contract with ICLEI.
  • Daily I receive notes and calls from leaders in communities across the nation who seek to be the next city to defeat ICLEI and Sustainable Development. Currently there are battles waging in Titusville, Florida;  Cleveland, Tennessee; Waterloo, Iowa; Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, Elkhart County, Indiana; Santa Cruz, California; San Antonio, Texas, Chesterfield County, Virginia, and many more.

APC has been involved in almost every one of these fights. If not directly, at the least activists are using APC materials and articles to educate the community and engage in the battle.

Truly, APC is having a major influence on this  fight to save America from this “wrenching transformation” called Agenda 21

But we face a huge uphill battle against international organizations with massive war chests. They are well organized and have powerful influence over elected officials. And they are starting to fight back against our success. APC is now targeted by them.

I need to know this: Will you help me raise the funds necessary for APC to continue to fight this battle?

At a bare minimum, APC needs to raise an immediate $50,000 in the next few weeks.

You can help in two ways.

First, send APC a contribution for at least $25. I need to get APC materials into the hands of every single city councilman and county commissioner across the nation.

And I need to travel to as many communities as possible, speaking and conducting radio interviews. We need to alert more Americans to join us in this battle to stop Agenda 21.

Your contribution is the only way I have to achieve these goals.

Second, send this message to any email lists or contacts you may have to help me spread the word and ask for funds.

I must raise at least $50,000 right now. Activists are ready to fight. With these funds we can supply them the tools they need to win. Please help.

This is our issue. We are the ones to fight it. Now is our time!

Thank you,

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center