If there is anyone that the tea party unifies behind it’s Ken Cuccinelli. And now Ken has endorsed Tom Garrett. Ken’s endorsement comes in the wake of several endorsements from Every Tea Party group in the 22nd district. The Goochland, Southside VTPP, and Lynchburg Tea Party groups have all come out with endorsements for Tom. It’s now official Tom Garret is the Tea Party Approved candidate. GO TOM!

Cuccinelli: “I encourage voters across the 22nd District to join me in supporting Tom Garrett for State Senate”
August 12, 2011


I am proud to announce my support and endorsement for my friend Tom Garrett in the 22nd District State Senate race. It is my firm belief that Tom has the experience, judgment and temperament to make an outstanding state senator.  Further, Tom is a strong constitutional conservative with a proven record that is unmatched in this race.

I do not make this endorsement lightly.  There are many fine candidates in this race, however, none have proven themselves to be leaders in protecting and defending the laws and constitutions of Virginia and the United States like Tom Garrett.

Tom is well known for taking stands on issues he believes in.  During my race for the nomination for Attorney General in 2009, Tom Garrett was the sole prosecutor to back me during the nomination.  Not only did he back my candidacy, but he also worked tirelessly during the general election to help with the Melendez-Diaz special session, which resulted in closing a loophole that allowed drunk drivers to get off scot-free.

The Commonwealth Attorney’s office managed by Tom Garrett is recognized for having the ‘gold standard’ in protecting children from child predators and pornographers.  His office is so well recognized for their work that child predators actually avoid Louisa County.  His extraordinary leadership in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office is evidence of how he will lead in the State Senate.

Tom Garrett has proven time and time again that he possesses the work ethic necessary to win tough elections.  He became the Commonwealth Attorney in Louisa through hard grassroots campaigning and unseated an entrenched incumbent.  His willingness to take chances and do the right thing is an important asset to our cause.

It is Tom’s proven record of accomplishments, his unwavering conservative values and unquestionably strong work ethic which leads me to making this endorsement.  I encourage voters across the 22nd District to join me in supporting Tom Garrett for State Senate.

Garrett issued the following statement,

We are proud to have earned the endorsement of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Ken Cuccinelli has been a steadfast voice for Virginia Conservatives for the last decade.  Today Ken told the voters of the 22nd District that we share his values.  I genuinely want to serve in Richmond to continue Ken’s legacy of strong Constitutional, Christian, Conservative voice in the Virginia State Senate.  If the voters of the 22nd want to send a Cuccinelli Conservative to the Senate, I am asking for their support.”

The 22nd Senate district includes parts of Lynchburg and Louisa, as well as all of the counties of Goochland, Fluvanna, Buckingham, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Amherst, and the Town of Farmville.  There is no incumbent Senator in this district, which was shifted from Roanoke area eastward due to redistricting that coincided with the 2010 Census.

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