Received from Danville Tea Party via Email:

Just guessing, I think it was my 5th grade teacher that used to harp, that’s Southern for persistence, about keeping up with current events. Ok. So what is that? It is history in the making. So many of the things I read or heard about as a youngster, news paper or just listening to the old guys at the store, are very relevant today. Much of what I heard from the old guys, however, wasn’t fit to write, but a lesson in learning just the same.

We watch re-runs on TV in the summer and think nothing about it. We see history repeat itself and unfortunately too many have the same mindset or simply become complacent. It’s just going to happen. Everyone has seen the comparison of the Kennedy-Lincoln assignation, history repeats itself, with regard to the eerie similarities. Well it’s my contention that ‘eerie similarities’ is all it was.

History will repeat itself, but only because of the people. Through the in-action of those wanting a different result, the same forces and people will prevail. To no end, the same results from doing the same thing, it has to stop. With effort and focus directed toward acquiring different results, is often inadequate, but without doubt, is a step in the right direction.

I cannot accept appeasement as a solution for compromise. I cannot accept being required to tolerate as opposed to requiring assimilation. I cannot accept elected officials promoting the weakening of America as a result of these issues. They were ready to appease rather than deal with Korea when MacArthur wasn’t. It cost us. They bent over backwards to please and today it is repeating itself. They were ready tolerate rather than deal with illegal immigrants when the American people weren’t. It cost us. Reagan tried the amnesty idea, and it failed. Current event then, history now and about to repeat itself.

During the Carter administration I was privy to current events. It is age thing, ok? Every nation this man sucked up to then is blowing back now. History, repeating itself. I was told Carter would go down in history as being one of the finest leaders this country has ever known. Nope, and the sooner he was history the better I’d like it. Now there’s Obama, history repeats itself. Again, the sooner he is history the better I’ll like that as well.

If we allow the government to run the same rail and make the same stops as has been done, there are many that will never board. So we begin to divert the rail, we add stops under a single banner, The TEA Party. We are associated with a portion of history, by choice, not by repetition and not by mandates directed from some government official.

Through a combined effort by Americans, for Americans and American values we will prevail. It will be slow, but must be done and with a life or death mentality. It’s just that real folks and to think otherwise is what the powers that be would love. I would love to prove them wrong! You would love the same thing and through a joint effort it can be done.

Many feel they are just one person and can make no difference. I challenge you on that. You know someone that knows someone and so it goes. Get the information out, educate and stay involved. Consider if you will, Barrack Obama is just one man.

Henry Ford said “We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker’s damn is the history we make today.” Given this, it’s up to us to follow up. We are the people.

Darriel Burnett

Danville Tea Party President