Southside Virginia Tea Party Patriots Meeting Jan.19th.

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Southside Virginia Tea Party Patriots Meeting Jan.19th.

Jan 19 Meeting with a Visitor from History 7 pm at Charlotte Courthouse Travis Witt will portray the Revolutionary War hero and Virginia pastor John Peter Muhlenberg with a re-enactment of his renowned last sermon to his congregation in which he announced his decision to join the Continental Army under George Washington. He was so [...]
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The Making Of America Seminar

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THE MAKING OF AMERICA A LEARNING EXPERIENCE YOUR FAMILY WILL NEVER FORGET Dr. W. Cleon Skousen and his staff spent 16 years researching the writings of our Founding Fathers, from which this seminar is based. This will be one of the most awe inspiring and informative days you'll ever spend. The seminar cuts right through the falsities and misunderstandings of the Constitution and gets right to what the Founders intended by the Constitution, in their own words. A must know [...]

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Boston Tea Party Celebrates 236 Years

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Today marks the 236th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.  So what does the Boston Tea Party and the Richmond Tea Party have in common? Lots! Let's reflect... Often times when we think of the Boston Tea Party, we only think of colonists, dressed as Mohawk Indians, dumping tea from the East India Company into the Boston Harbor to protest the taxes that were being imposed by the British Parliament.  Our children enjoy acting out this raucous scene.  But why were the [...]