Southside Virginia Tea Party Patriots Meeting Jan.19th.

Jan 19 Meeting with a Visitor from History

7 pm at Charlotte Courthouse

Travis Witt will portray the Revolutionary War hero and Virginia pastor John Peter Muhlenberg with a re-enactment of his renowned last sermon to his congregation in which he announced his decision to join the Continental Army under George Washington. He was so persuasive that he took with him 300 men from his county and formed the Eighth Virginia. The educational and dramatic nature of the event will make it ideal for families and students of all ages. The meeting will begin at 7 pm on Thursday, Jan. 19 at the Charlotte County Courthouse. Travis Witt, a native of Bedford County is a graduate of James Madison University and Liberty University. His 13 part video series, “What Has Happened to MY Country?” helps others recognize the reasons for America’s greatness and how to its roots of honor and greatness. Travis is co-founder of the Bedford Area Tea Party Patriots where he began his portrayal of the Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, a Revolutionary pastor from Woodstock, VA, a Major General in Washington’s army, and a politician who was involved in the First House of Representatives (1789) that wrote the Bill of Rights. Travis’ monologue of this American hero traces Muhlenberg’s life from politician to patriot to pastor and provides a unique perspective and a better understanding of American history during the Independence, War, and Constitutional years