2016: Obama’s America…Movie Is Disturbingly Necessary

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CBS contributor and Examiner writer Scott Paulson assessed 2016: “fair warning, it’s disturbing – and quite frightening – to say the least.” Some clips from this Chicago-based writer via a Los Angeles CBS affiliate: Fact after fact is put forth which shows that President Obama definitely has many skeletons in the closet that have not [...]

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Obama’s War on Suburbanites

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Alarming articles in Forbes and National Review Online show how President Obama has declared a clandestine war on suburbanites, whom he despises, and is stealthily putting means in place to eradicate suburbs by merging them and their wealth with the cities during his second term. According to scholar and commentator Stanley Kurtz, who wrote both [...]

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Latest Quinnipiac Poll: “Romney Catches Obama in Virginia”

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Given the derisive portrayal of business owners by the President while in Roanoke, one would think many a Virginian would wisen up. For the poll in its entirety, click here. Peter Brown, Assistant Director,  Quinnipiac University Polling Institute (203) 535-6203    Rubenstein Associates, Inc. Public Relations Contact: Pat Smith (212) 843-8026 FOR RELEASE: JULY 19, [...]

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OBAMA at VCU ***THIS*** Saturday!

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RTP and other like minded groups will be gathering/staging on the Broad Street side of Lowes west of the Siegel Center, at 12:00 noon, this Saturday, in preparation to welcome Obama. Doors apparently open at the Siegel Center at 1:30P. If the Lowes parking lot is inaccessible, the alternative gathering/staging location is the Moore Street [...]

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Tea Party: Critical to Obama’s Defeat

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Mitt Romney will win big in large part because of hard work by Tea Partiers to defeat Obama and generous support for their efforts by major contributors. So says Michael Patrick Leahy, a Tea Party leader, in a Daily Caller article, “The Coming Conservative Landslide.” Leahy is the author of “Covenant of liberty: the Ideological [...]

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Obama Defines Insanity

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For 2.5 years we’ve suffered under the Oaf in Chief currently in hostile occupation of the Whitehouse. The economy has suffered. Our troops have suffered. What exactly has President Zero done for America? We are now almost 15 Trillion dollars in debt. Inflation is running away from us. We have record un-employment. And it’s only [...]

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