Obama Defines Insanity

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For 2.5 years we’ve suffered under the Oaf in Chief currently in hostile occupation of the Whitehouse. The economy has suffered. Our troops have suffered. What exactly has President Zero done for America? We are now almost 15 Trillion dollars in debt. Inflation is running away from us. We have record un-employment. And it’s only [...]

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Democrats have a plan…stupid same as ever!

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Our message is breaking through. [RSV: And it stinks like old man farts! ] Voters are fed up with Republicans playing political games with our economy and their plans to end Medicare.

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Press Release: Caution: Beware of Rising Debt

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A core and defining principle of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation is fiscal responsibility. Out of control spending in Washington was one of the catalysts for the Tea Party Movement. The national economy is on the brink of collapse with the national debt roughly equal to it’s annual economic output.