Received via email from the DemocRATS.

[RSV] Denotes my commentary:

Friend –

The numbers are in! Thanks to you, we narrowly beat out our Republican counterparts in July and maintained our advantage year-to-date. [RSV: And thanks to the stimulus, we were able to do that by funneling money to our union cronies]

Make no mistake: you’re driving our success. Over a quarter-million of you have made a contribution this year to help us take back the Speaker’s gavel from the reckless Tea Party Congress. [RSV: If only they truly were our congress, if they were we’d be much better off]

I’m pleased to report we’re ahead of schedule in our drive to win the Majority. We’ve laid out our campaign plan in our “Drive for 24” Grassroots Investor Report. Download your copy here [RSV: no thanks]

Some key stats I wanted to make sure you see:

We only need 24 seats to win the House.
The math is simple:[RSV: They know math…Think they know how much 15 Trillion is?] There are 61 seats President Obama won now held by Republicans – including 18 districts won by Senator Kerry in 2004. If we win 10 of 18 Kerry-Obama seats and 15 of 43 Obama-only seats, that’s 25 seats, more than enough to win the Majority:


But we won’t stop there. We are also targeting seats that John McCain won in 2008 to put Republicans on the defensive across the country.

In each of these races, we are aggressively holding Republicans accountable for their wrong priorities. [ RSV:You know that whole stopping wreckless spending thing?]

Thanks to your support, this month we launched our “Accountability August” campaign holding 44 Republicans accountable for their bad budget choices. [RSV: As opposed to the Democrats NO budget choices…+2 years and counting and we are still waiting on the budget from 2010]

[RSV: What the NYT printed a press release from the Democrats? Shocker]

Our message is breaking through. [RSV: And it stinks like old man farts! ] Voters are fed up with Republicans playing political games with our economy and their plans to end Medicare.

The latest polls show a serious case of buyer’s remorse:

  • Gallup poll (August 12th): Democrats lead Republicans in the generic ballot by 7 points (51-44).
  • PPP poll (August 10th): Independent voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the Republican Majority in the House (68 disapprove/20 approve).[RSV: Actually the ‘overwhelming’ number of voters disapprove of CONGRESS as a whole]
  • If the election was today, PPP thinks Democrats would win the House. [RSV: If only the election could be held today. We can’t survive 1.5 more years of Obama]

One more stat: We have all-star recruits [RSV: If they are anything like your ‘all-star’ Obama we’ve got nothing to worry about] running in 45 Republican and open districts throughout the country. That’s well ahead of where we thought we’d be at this point. Our goal is to put at least 60 Republican seats in play when all is said and done.

Read more about our campaign in your Grassroots Investor Report [RSV: Link removed…as if we are going to promote that drivel]

More than the how, it’s the why we are doing this. ]RSV: Because you are a bunch of scum bag communists?]

We’re fighting to create jobs. [RSV: Stellar job guys] We’re fighting to protect the rights of women [RSV: Murder babies] , workers [RSV: Lazy bums in unions aka: Vote Buys] , seniors, [RSV: Don’t you know they want to push granny off a cliff?] and the middle class [RSV: The one that Obama is destroying] . Republicans are fighting to end Medicare [RSV: Where is the Democrat plan to save it?] to pay for more tax breaks for Big Oil [RSV: Those evil oil companies, How dare they supply AF1 and Slow Bus 1 with fuel] and right-wing special interests [RSV: Tea Party terrorist]. Simply put, the Tea Party agenda is not working for middle-class Americans.[RSV: Working just fine for me]

24 seats puts us back in charge so we can create jobs[RSV: More Stimulus] , protect Medicare and Social Security[RSV: And pigs fly] , and out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world [RSV: you forgot out-source to the world because your stupid regulatory policies send business over seas].

Thank you for everything you do to make that possible. [RSV: Suckers!]

Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman

[RSV: What no “it’s all bush’s fault” thrown in for good measure!?!?!]