Written By Mark Dougherty | Shenandoah Valley TP

Shortly after the Labor Day holiday, President Obama will release his plans for jump-starting economic and employment growth in America.  Remember, that private enterprise creates jobs and prosperity, while the government’s role is to foster favorable economic conditions–by simply getting out of the way and letting the free-market economy operate.  White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, recognized this principle during an August 4th press conference when he said, “The White House doesn’t create jobs.  The White House creates policies that allow for job creation.”

So far, so good, Jay.  What government policies?

Will the cornerstone of the President’s upcoming job-creation initiative involve exorbitant infrastructure spending programs (a.k.a. Fiscal Stimulus-Two,) plus more nonsensical incentives designed to create green jobs?   Will General Electric CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, and the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness offer some constructive policies?

The Tea Party offers several suggestions where the federal government can get out of the way, so American business can grow, hire, and prosper.

1. Reduce taxes, environmental regulations, and unnecessary administrative rules, regulations, forms, and fees.  Examples:  AG Eric Holder, stop “picking” on the Gibson Guitar Company over trivial regulatory issues.  Also, let power companies burn thermal coal in southwest Virginia and West Virginia.

2. Open up domestic energy development.  Examples: Alaska, Outer Continental Shelf, the Gulf of Mexico.  Let states better develop the Marcellus, Utica, and Bakken shale formations.  North Dakota is blessed with the Bakken shale formation and has a 3% unemployment rate.

3. Implement major cuts in government spending through the elimination of unnecessary and wasteful government agencies and functions.  Examples:  Department of Education, and most Department of Energy functions, except nuclear weapons/research facilities.  Also, abolish the National Labor Relations Board.

4. Create tax incentives for U.S. corporations to repatriate foreign profits and reinvest in American jobs and facilities.

5. Repeal Obamacare.  (The Heritage Foundation link below demonstrates the job-suppressing impact of Obamacare since this legislation was passed in March 2010.)


The Tea Party stands for small government and a prosperous free-market economy.   President Obama stands for big government and economic stagnation.

Let’s convince our Virginia Congressmen and Senators, and Virginia voters that small government and a free-market economy is the best choice for America.

Mark Daugherty