The recent slam of Jamie Radtke by Erick Erickson of Redstate has now made it into the conservative blogoshere, and certainly has the liberals salivating for more. Nothing will give the liberals more of lift than to watch the conservatives set out to destroy one another.

It has been reported that Jamie Radtke spoke to more than 400 bloggers and activist a couple weeks ago. She is being accused of speaking far too long with drunken incoherence. If these 400 bloggers and activists are stereotypical then it would be reasonable to assume that smart phones, and video cameras were present and active. Youtube would have been uploaded instantly, and the anit-Tea Party crowd of the GOP and elsewhere would have been making efforts to tweet, Facebook, email, and every other accessible cyber-tool to push this out to the political junkies.

So, where are the videos, and the screen shots of the tweets as they occurred? Since none have been posted it is safe to assume none exist.

This smells of the time tested “establishment” tactics of attempting to destroy the feared competition personally rather than face to face in an actual debate, or explanation of one’s record. If Jamie were not making an impact and offering a challenge then none of this would have taking place, and maybe we would actually be addressing the issues that are wrecking our nation, and not one another.

Erick Erickson, and others owe Jamie Radtke, their readers, members of the Tea Party movement and others an apology. Produce evidence of the truth of this character assassination attempt, or retract the posts and apologize.

Mark Kevin Lloyd
Chairman – Virginia Tea Party Patriots