For 2.5 years we’ve suffered under the Oaf in Chief currently in hostile occupation of the Whitehouse. The economy has suffered. Our troops have suffered. What exactly has President Zero done for America?

We are now almost 15 Trillion dollars in debt. Inflation is running away from us. We have record un-employment. And it’s only gotten worse over the last 2.5 years. Obama’s Keynesian policies of propping up the economy have been an abysmal failure. And now we are to be given more of this? We knew what was coming last night. More of the same? Yes. More of the same Karl Marx on steroids. “From each according to his ability

[producers] to each according to his need [moochers]”

“the rich need to pay their fair share”

What struck me as I listened to the “speech” and tried not to vomit, was how much the president sounded like a cheap suited tel-evangelist. He kept saying “pass the bill!” and then was getting this weird rock star applause after every few lines of drivel.  I wondered if the Republican leaders were joining into that support. Support for lies?

The definition of insanity is doing the SAME thing and expecting DIFFERENT results.

It’s almost 24 hours later…We’ve yet to see this “plan”. When we do…if we do it will be filled with more of the same!

What we do know is that the President wants to spend an additional 400 billion. Erasing even the pretend cuts that were set out before us in the so called debt “deal”. Where does he expect this magical money to come from? Print more.

If you want to torture yourself watch the speech here: