HB 614 must be stopped !

 Committee meets tomorrow at 7am

What will this bill do?


Don’t be tricked….This bill will prevent localities from being able to amend their Comprehensive Plans if their plans already have UDA’s, inspite of the Optional UDA’s bills passing the General Assembly.

See the contact list below and urge them to VOTE NO on HB 614.

HB 614 will be heard Thursday at 7am in the Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns.  These Committee members need to hear from each and every one of us on this bill today!!

By clicking on the names below you can pull up emails and phone numbers. Remember, phone calls carry more weight.


Marshall, D.W. (Chairman),    Merricks,    Knight,   Stolle,   Wilt,    Morris,    Hodges,   Spruill,   Ware, O.,   Howell, A.T.,    Torian


Here’s the Summary of the bill:

HB 614 Comprehensive plan; controls future land use decisions of governing body.

Whenever a local planning commission recommends a comprehensive plan or part thereof for the locality and such plan has been approved and adopted by the governing body, such plan shall control the future land use decisions of the governing body. No zoning amendment shall be approved unless it has been determined to be substantially in accord with the adopted comprehensive plan.

(Agenda 21 )