Yet another scandal has engulfed proponents of the man-made global warming hoax. A leader of the warming movement, Peter Gleick, recently released what he said were internal documents from the Heartland Institute, a think tank whose mission includes programs to counter warming deceptions with facts. Gleick has admitted scamming a junior staff member at the institute into sending him files. All but one of the documents were legitimate but entirely innocuous, revealing nothing illegal or dubious. But one memo was explosive, showing that Heartland was engaging in anti-scientific and unethical practices to suppress the warming “truth.” However, physical and textual analysis of the memo irrefutably showed that it was fake and that Gleick is doubtless the perpetrator. Clearly, he did it to discredit Heartland and by implication all those who oppose the warming hoax. He joins other leading warmists shown by the infamous Climategate e-mails and other revelations to be the ones engaging in anti-scientific and unethical practices to suppress the truth.

The full story of the Gleick scandal is told in numerous publications, including articles and editorials in, the Chicago Tribune, and the Weekly Standard.

Robert Tracinski, writing in another article, showed that leading warmers and other liberals have closed ranks around Gleick, many asserting that the end justifies the means—lying is justified to advance the “good” liberal agenda.

In an editorial on February 29, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which never ran the Gleick story, tried to diminish Gleick’s culpability by totally ignoring his faked memo, citing only the legitimate letters and criticizing those who oppose the warming hoax. (Oddly, they emphasized decade-old “acknowledgments,” as they call them, from a now-defunct anti-warming group that the New York Times and other liberal media once used to attack warming opponents: “The scientific basis for the Greenhouse Effect and the potential impact of human emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO{-2} on climate is well established and cannot be denied” and “the role of greenhouse gases in climate change is not well understood.” These quotes—not part of the 2009 Climategate scandal, as the T-D asserts—sound damning only to warmers. Both statements are true. Anti-warming people know that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by man have a potential impact on climate but that we don’t fully understand how. They oppose the claims by warmers that the science is settled (yes, T-D, there really is a major controversy) and that human activities are having such a devastating effect on climate that we must take drastic political and financial actions.)

The T-D isn’t alone in its whitewash. According to Tracinski:

(M)ost of Gleick’s defenders mention only his use of a fake name to procure real documents. But this in itself is a giant evasion of the truth, like publishing a scientific study that deliberately omits relevant data. The only reason Gleick confessed to stealing the real documents was because bloggers were closing in on him as the forger of a fake document. So to ignore that issue and defend Gleick is to implicitly condone the forgery.