Repeat after me: “Do you want fries with that, sir?” I think what Obama really said was “I hope you can learn to count change.”

The job rate among 18-24 year-olds is the worst level since 1948; only 54% have a job. Plus, wages are down for youth workers while they have risen marginally for everyone else.

Very damning chart and two-and-a-half minute video at link.

Did you want to have a future? If so, you want to have a strong economy. I know most of you have been taught, in the government schools, that the government is an able steward for the economy, and that if we all believe in government and subvert ourselves to it that everything will be fine. How long are you willing to wait? Your future is in your hands, no one else’s.

Everything will not be fine. The government is printing and borrowing 10% of GDP, for which we get GDP “growth” of 2.5%. Your government teachers never taught you to do that simple math problem. Let’s see, 10% minus 2.5% = negative 7.5%. Hey! The real economy is shrinking at 7.5% per year! How the hell are things going to get better when the economy is shrinking at 7.5% per year? How are you ever going to get a good job? Hint: YOU’RE NOT.

Why are there no jobs? Because America has forgotten how to produce wealth. Sustainable jobs come from wealth production; you know, farms, factories, mines, and yes, even software companies. Making stuff. The shiny McMansion you and your family are living in wasn’t bought with produced wealth but rather with central bank housing bubble (inflation) money. The housing bubble is dead; your parents are upside down. The government is papering over this problem with more inflation and with deficit spending, hiring people for make-work, real-economy-destroying government jobs. These jobs don’t produce anything and make life more difficult for those who do. Not to mention, but I wonder what the above numbers would be if the youth who were “employed” by the military, including the “contractors,” were counted differently?

You’re being robbed of your chance at life. So, is your long-term future working at Target, or waiting tables, or flipping burgers, or joining the military, or not working at all? Are those to be your choices? Is that what you will build your lives on as young adults? Maybe you’d instead like to borrow $100,000.00 in student loans and get a degree in basket weaving, women’s studies, or some other field of endeavor which completely disqualifies you from ever doing anything productive? Remember, thanks to a Bush II bankruptcy law change pushed by the banks in 2005, student loan debt is no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy court, so these loans are with you for life. Spend a lot of money, get a craptastic degree, and work in a craptastic job so you can pay off your loans by the time you’re 60. But the ads on TV say you’ll make more money with a degree, right? Maybe, but then you can pay it to the banks, with interest. Do you really want to be one of those people with the bumper sticker that says “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go”? Slave.

Maybe you’d like to wait while the Federal Reserve finishes destroying, with “inflation targeting,” the buying power of the US dollar so that you can get a job in a factory making sneakers at wages that are now competitive with hundreds of millions of Chinese, Laotian, or Vietnamese subsistence laborers?

Yeah, vote for Obama. Or Romney, for that matter, as there will be very little difference in the outcome. Instead, I suggest you study the candidates and their backgrounds and their knowledge of economics and economic history, and then ask yourself. Life is better in a growing economy. You have choices. America was built by hard-working and fundamentally honest people who believed in free markets, private property, and individual liberty. Because of that belief system, they created the wealth you see today. This wealth creation, not some idiotic deficit-spending program, led to America’s status as a powerhouse. We are in decline because we’ve forgotten how we got here.

As for the candidates:
1. What are their actual plans are for dealing with the deficit?
2. What are their actual plans for enabling American growth, real growth, not faux growth induced through unsustainable deficits and inflation?
3. Who are their largest campaign contributors? Are they “bought men”? Look it up here, for example.
4. Are they and their campaign trying to distract you with social issues, or do they speak convincingly about liberty, free markets, and individual rights?
5. Do their past actions suggest they are a friend to big government, big government spending, and big government programs, or do they want to trust the individual to live his own life and be responsible for himself?
6. Do they want you to believe in the two-party system? Can they be trusted?

Do something about it.