Yes, we are!

Below is an excerpt from  Sunday’s Richmond Times Dispatch:


Tea Party is Still Stirring by John Pride


* * * * *
We are focused on liberty as the core issue of the 2012 elections. Our annual Richmond Tea Party event has been planned to make that point, with Celebrate Liberty taking place from noon to 8 p.m. April 14 at the Chesterfield Fairgrounds. We hope to reconnect ourselves and all Virginians with an appreciation for responsible individual freedom.

In choosing to listen to what we in the Tea Party movement have to say, increasing numbers of Virginians are responding to the open arrogance, self-serving corruption and clear efforts at highest-level intimidation from Washington, Richmond and our local governments. They recognize that we are not a political party but simply a re-emergent spirit of self-governance and independence, trusting the individual — and not trusting government — as a common-sense default.

Many Virginians have also begun to note that our first order of business a few years back was to take our own Republican elected officials to task for having strayed from the basic principles of self-governance, the core requirements that have long served all, from all political affiliations. They now understand us when we assert that we await a similar movement within the ranks of the American left.

Recognizing that we are truly asking everyone’s questions, many are increasingly ready for answers themselves. Should these Virginians be voters from the left — having seen us shut down and demonized from the very start — they may wonder whether they’d suffer an equal fate after asking those same questions.