Richmond Tea Party is joining forces with other regional Patriot groups to host Celebrate Liberty this Saturday, April 14th. From noon to dusk at Chesterfield Fairgrounds, we’ll all focus on something others find unimportant at best, threatening at worst.

That something is Liberty, period. She’s freedom and peace and a better world for all children, but these days she’s struggling, folks. The Constitution is both a product and protector of Liberty, as are the Supreme Court and a free press. But these days, we hear that those stalwarts lack “flexibility” or offer “too much objectivity”. It seems to be only a matter of time before those who currently find her to be a threat are able do what Castro, Chavez, leaders in Europe and elsewhere have done. They’ll finish her off.

If they do this, if they are able to dim the torch that heralds freedom to the world, they will have transformed a world of vivid color to one of grayscale black and white.

Celebrate Liberty will have live music, speakers, games for kids of all ages, activities for adults, presentations by period actors discussing the founding principles of our nation, and many other Liberty-focused aspects.

Will you, please, join other Liberty-minded Virginia Patriots in support of our weakened protector? Stand Up, Virginia, for Liberty!