Let’s make LIBERTY the issue in 2012!

Event details / donations at: www.RichmondTeaParty.com/celebrate-liberty

Fellow Virginian,

As someone who stepped up a few years ago, you are needed TODAY more than ever! We’ve had our successes, of course, but 2012 is the real contest, isn’t it?

Now, we invite you to join us at Celebrate Liberty, an event planned for you and those you cherish most. Bring your family and friends, and look forward to a day dedicated to repaying Liberty for all she’s given us and our families. Liberty has been reduced to a weakened, threatened semblance of her intended place as our protector. Now it’s our turn to be her protectors, to stand for an America founded on inalienable rights and exceptional wisdom.

LIBERTY says it all!

Do the self-governed continue to have a right to a voice, or must we finally be silenced by a largely corrupt ruling class and a shackled press?

At this critical finale in the Effort, must we return to our couches in fear of those who forbid their followers to hear our words? Do we return to our homes and await a victorious onslaught of deceit, control and duplicity?

We owe much to many, from God to our grandkids, from our life-long heroes to our deceived brothers and sisters of the voting left. We owe our employers and employees our labors, our creditors repayment, and our communities a peaceful but unmistakable response to taunts, lies, and damnable dictates.

Today, we owe Liberty our defense of her rightful place above expectation, entitlement, agenda, and pragmatism. Please join us at Celebrate Liberty on April 14th, for no better reason than to share your agreement with the place Liberty deserves in American life. We need your support on April 14th!

And, please consider making a small contribution of $10, $25 or $50 to make this day all that it must be. Honestly, just a few moments of your time today at our website (see above) will make an enormous difference. We really do need grassroots support through donations that are both affordable and from your kitchen table, as well as your heart. Let’s do our part, Virginia! Let’s Celebrate Liberty!

The Richmond Tea Party