Guest speakers Dr. Stanley Idiculla and Community Care Clinic Chief Executive Arlene Jacovelli highlighted the weaknesses of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and recommended significant improvements at a healthcare educational gathering hosted by Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) on Wednesday evening, October 15, at the Burke Center Library as part of Healthcare Solutions Week.

Donna Hamilton, VQH Executive Director, welcomed the attendees and then introduced the guest speakers:

  • Dr. Stanley Idiculla is a Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon in his own practice:  NoVa Foot and Ankle in Herndon, VA. He has trained in the most recent techniques of foot and ankle deformities. He is also the President of the Northern Virginia Podiatric Medical Association. He spoke about how the administrative burdens imposed by the ACA have adversely affected his medical practice.
  • Arlene Jacovelli is the Chief Executive of Community Care Clinic in King George, VA, which serves the community on an appointment or walk-in basis regardless of income or insurance status. The clinic currently employs four doctors and a full staff of medical professionals and includes visiting specialists, a UAS allergy clinic, and a state of the art blood work lab. She spoke about offering her clients “Concierge Medical Services at a Costco Price.”   continued


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