Wednesday, April 20th saw the grassroots come together to create a great event. Through the efforts of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation (VTP), with the help of The Bull Elephant and the Young Republicans of Fauquier County, the Republican candidates for the 5th Congressional District were able to express opinions on a wide variety of questions, ranging from our national debt to legalization of marijuana to marriage and right to life issues.

The concept of the event was to allow Republicans from the grassroots of the party to drive the discussion. Much of the effort that created this successful event started several weeks before April 20 when calls went out for questions. Tea parties from across the state and Republican Committees and young Republicans in the 5th District were solicited.

The results were, quite frankly, amazing. Over two hundred enthusiastic people attended the debate. The debate was also live video streamed on Newsplex TV and broadcast live on WCHV radio. As promised by VTP Chairman Rick Buchanan, the audience was never told to stifle their enthusiasm or their feelings regarding any of the answers given by the candidates. At times the applause was quite exuberant but, as we have come to expect from gatherings of Patriots, there was never any display of disrespect.

The importance of this debate was demonstrated when the Chairman of the 5th District (Lynn Tucker), while addressing the audience, asked for a show of hands of the delegates signed up to attend the 5th District Convention on May 14th. Over 75% of those in attendance raised their hands, proving that they were both engaged in the process and anxious to learn more about the candidates.

It is our hope that this debate was helpful to those that attended or listened to the debate. This Congressional election is a very important for not only the 5th District, but for our entire nation. We have the chance to add another member to the Congressional Freedom Caucus and all but one of these candidates has expressed their desire to join other conservatives fighting for Constitutional governance.

We look forward to more successful grassroots events in the near future.

VTP 5th District Republican Debate

Go HERE for event photos.