Virginia has been the prized and coveted target for the left particularly over the last several years. Considerable outside money, effort, and major operations from rich left wing power brokers have zeroed in on seizing power in Virginia. The end game is ultimately to create a climate in Va. where our rights can be steadily eroded and the ruling power of “we the people” becomes a right we freely abandoned for all kinds of “free stuff” as well as being relieved from having to worry about pesky things like self-governance.

Benjamin Franklin once spoke of our nation having a Republic if we could keep it. That decision will be front and center for Virginia this November 5th. The Democrats have presented an array of troubling legislation that attacks our Constitution and the rule of law in the form of infringing on 2nd, 4th and 5th amendment rights. They threaten our right-to-work state by presenting support for free market crippling laws that support labor union operations. They threaten life from conception to birth breaching all standards of human decency by pressing for infanticide. The Democrats emergence as the engine driving our nation toward the darkness and evil of socialism/communism is a threat to all Americans. The human tragedy of this left wing ideology can be witnessed by looking at the recent examples of Cuba and Venezuela. These 2 nations were once the envy of Latin America with economies that were the best among all Latin American countries before embracing socialism. Cuba entered socialism under deception and then under the point of a gun as the military was used to stomp out all dissent. Cuba became an imprisoned and impoverished island. I can bear personal testimony to this having lived in Cuba for some years and told the horrors of Castro’s Cuba by her survivors and freedom fighters. Venezuela actually voted for Democratic socialism. Now Venezuelans are destitute, starving, and after being disarmed in 2012, they are being run over by tanks.

And lastly, but most importantly, it should always be noted that the hate groups that have plagued our national politics over the last decade come not from the right, but exclusively from the left. From Occupy Wall Street to Resistance to By Any Means to Antifa, these groups all well-funded and organized. They have targeted our police, our cities and our freedom to freely speak. They have targeted us. Those who support the Constitution and the rule of law have been hunted down and even attacked. Even those who work at the White House have been tracked down to restaurants and driven out by the left wing mobs. (And this happened in our own state of Virginia.) Remember it was a Bernie Sanders supporter who attempted to massacre over 30 GOP Congressmen by opening fire on them at a practice softball game. These kind of hate groups are critical elements to fascism and they are here, bought and paid for by left wing sponsors from labor unions to rich and dangerous people like George Soros.

We have a choice. Our resolve through our votes can be showcased in this election as a strong 1st step. Democrats need to be put on notice that their anti-Constitution, socialistic and infanticide agenda is contrary to our Republic. It is our duty to resist all tyranny and, especially in Virginia, we need to embrace our motto “thus all tyrants.” No better time to proclaim our support for freedom and our opposition to really dark and oppressive left wing movements than voting for Constitutional candidates on November 5th. And as was the case in 1776, it must be the case again in 2019 that Virginia may have to lead the way for our nation to find its way back to freedom. This election may very well have national implications. We all need to urge all in our circle of influence to come out and vote in support of freedom and, in so many real ways, to vote for sanity.

In Appreciation & Gratitude,
Nelson Velez