From Randy Hall


Philosopher George Santayana once wrote, ‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’ In 1920 the United States attempted to remove the societal evils of alcohol by enacting Prohibition. Proving to be an abysmal failure it was repealed in 1933. While failing to control alcohol it did manage to create several other problems in its wake. Many Americans went from law abiding citizens to criminals with its enforcement and organized crime created a lucrative black market for what was once a legal product.

If Virginia adopts the gun control measures that have been proposed by the Democrats in this year’s General Assembly, we will be headed down the same path. With the whisk of a pen millions of law-abiding Virginian gun owners will be transformed into felons overnight by simply owning certain firearms. The criminal element, sensing a new way to make a buck will create an underground market for guns imposing more work load for law enforcement and depriving legal firearms dealers of customers and the local and state governments of tax revenue. Speaking of the criminal element, does anyone really believe that the drug dealers gang bangers, home invaders and robbers will register or turn in their weapons as will be required by these new laws? Don’t hold your breath. These new regulations will only serve to deprive Virginians of their right to defend themselves and their families against those wishing to commit violence upon them.

Little to nothing has been done concerning those with mental illness getting access to guns. The Virginia Tech shooter purchased his weapons legally from a retail business after passing a background check. After the tragedy it was determined that Cho had a history of mental illness. Had this info been made available to the proper authorities perhaps disaster could have been avoided. The state of Virginia would be failing its citizens by not properly addressing this and other issues concerning mental health and firearms. Many proponents of gun control have gone on record as being supporters of the Second Amendment and stating that they have no wish to take guns away from the law abiding, however if proposed legislation is enacted that is exactly what will happen and I have yet to hear any of these individuals or groups speaking against these proposals. There is an old saying that I have heard all my life and is very true: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Could Virginia be headed down that road.