We CAN'T back down!  Our rights and freedoms are about to be lost to a Marxist-controlled legislature
Join great patriots from around the nation, to stand strong in support of our Commonwealth.  Join them!  Our rights and freedoms depend – from now on – on YOU, for their very survival.  You hold the future of Virginia in your hands.  Come and learn what YOU can do. 

"We Won't Back Down!
The Rights and Responsibilities of
Citizens in Time of Government Overreach"
Jan. 18 – 19, 2020
10 am – 4 pm
Hilton Garden Inn, Richmond Airport

Speakers include:
     *Phil Van Cleave, Virginia Citizens Defense League
     *Tony Pellegrino, Belmont, CA,  Academy for Constitutional        
              Common Law
     *Chris Anders, Virginia Constitutional Conservatives
     *Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center
     *Scott Jenkins, Sheriff, Culpeper County, VA
     *Sue Trambino, W.I.N., FL
     *Carol Stopps, CLIC-VA
     *Christy Zito, ID State Representative
     *Pendleton Trey Hampton, Senior at Landmark Christian
             School and TPUSA activist
     *Bishop Leon Benjamin, church founder and candidate US House
             of Representatives, VA4
Go to Eventbrite for tickets and hotel information. 
The sponsoring organization, United in Strength for America, is a service and support group for ALL activists, and will be asking for your input as to what will help strengthen your groups.  There will be a special networking session to discuss this.
A very special thanks to the American Policy Center, and Tom DeWeese, for co-sponsoring this event.
See you there!  We've got work to do!!
Any questions, please contact:
Kat Stansell