Oh Yes, elections really do have consequences. After the November election, we all braced for the deluge of bad laws. We knew the day after those November elections that Virginia was in for a horror show of damaging and dangerous legislation that would rain on us like hellfire. And yes, Virginia, we really do have subversive crazies who we used to see only occasionally on the streets and when they would be court ordered to a mental institution, we would breath a sigh of relief. Now they have been voted in to represent us. Yes, last November’s election results did prove that you can buy elections and usher in even such dangerous people. But the question for all of us is does this terrible outcome for Virginia become forever permanent? Do we, our friends and family now become the perpetual victims of harmful and destructive legislation that peels away our very own constitutional rights? That is the question for our society and for the ages. It is a return to the question that we thought we answered well over 200 years ago. Is man to be ruled by despots and dictators forever, or are we meant to rule ourselves? Are we called to topple and crush tyrants or bow to them? Our Virginia ancestors were clear as to the answer to this question; so much so, they even made the idea of trampling tyrants now and forever our cherished motto, “Sic Semper Tyrannis!”

So, what now? We find ourselves facing the executive, senate, and delegate branches of government in control of people who are advancing laws and policies that will do great lasting harm to our state and the Republic. Well, the question of “what now” has already been, in some ways, answered in dramatic fashion. Within days of the democrats’ complete takeover of the reins of government, we witnessed an uprising from almost every square inch of the state in opposition, driven by VCDL 2nd amendment patriots pressing over 130 municipalities to issue constitutional/2nd amendment resolutions against the newly elected government. In July 2019, tea party groups along with other freedom groups wrote these sanctuary city resolutions placing “we the people” as a major initiating force in this freedom movement in defense of the constitution. The VCDL sponsored January 20th Richmond Rally was yet another incredible outpouring surpassing historic proportions with estimates of that impressive crowd topping off at a staggering 93,000 patriots strong.

We have already made an historical impact with our rising. Now we should identify those who voted in these bad /subversive laws and the harm they may inflict on our society. We link them as beholding to the out of state treasure trove of dark money and not so much the actual Virginia voters. This List of Shame will highlight these senators and delegates voting records. It will be a focal point for good candidates to eviscerate them on the campaign stomp and a user friendly way for the voters to be reminded of their record and the indefensible harm it has caused. A “worst of “compilation of the voting record of these representatives would be an easy and helpful tool to stay the course for a much needed voter backlash to be unleashed in 2021. This should lead to the much hoped for course correction back towards freedom, clean elections and the constitution. In this way, “we the people” can be the pebbles that will slay these well funded & subversive left wing giants in the next election.

With Resolve and Appreciation,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party