Submitted by James Hull, King George TEA Party

We Conservatives, Patriots, and TEA Party members are often caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place.” On one hand we have the mainstream media, tech platforms, and politicians that uniformly do everything they can to censor our message. On the other hand we sometimes have the absolute need to share an opposing viewpoint. The fact that election fraud occurred during the 2020 election is one of those subjects that must bypass the censors and reach the widest American audience possible.

One communication medium that the censors cannot control is our yard and roadside signs. Simple, easy-to-read, and “sticky” messages written in black letters on a yellow background are always associated with TEA Party groups. A sign’s well-crafted message will propagate throughout the “information space” and influence conversations, perspectives, and political decisions even if the sign’s reader does not identify as a TEA Party member. The trick is to identify a TEA Party message that is widely agreeable to the majority of the target audience.

One indisputable message that must become quickly and widely shared is that the loss of American integrity is at stake regardless of who won the 2020 election. If We The People permit fraud to decide this 2020 election then there will be no future representation of the people, there will be no future restraint on any political party’s quest for power, and there will be no individual’s freedom or right that will survive that future. That scenario can be distilled into a simple, easy-to-read, and “sticky” message:

We must raise the American consciousness about the 2020 election fraud. The censorship efforts have erroneously convinced many that the fraud was inconsequential and the Democrat politicians are hoping to run out the clock beyond Inauguration Day before the truth is widely known. We in the TEA Party can bypass that censorship by posting yard and roadside signs with a unified message and “plant a seed” of doubt about the election’s fraud-laden outcome. Many signs across the state, each sending the same message in the same style, gives strength and credibility to the message.

A grassroots sign campaign like this is expected to prompt people to find out more about the 2020 election fraud, share their findings with their friends, family, and coworkers, and thereby propagate the truth throughout the information space. Video, statistical, and personal testimony evidence is available… one only needs to begin looking for it. A simple message campaign is what could start that event cascade and significantly contribute to the Stop The Steal campaign already in operation.

So here is what to do: Use the above graphic as a template to share the message. Get everyone in your TEA Party group to put up a sign… in their yard or on property they have permission to use. It would be ideal if you can fabricate signs with black and red lettering on a yellow background. If not, use whatever resources you have available to uniformly share the same motto: “Election Fraud – What You Allow Will Continue.” Make yard signs, roadside signs, car window signs, etc. and get them out to as wide an audience as possible. We truly only have days to make our voices heard to be effective, so begin now.