So now it comes to this. With true 2020 vision, we have witnessed the most outrageous and massive crime spree in our history. The year began with the subversive use of impeachment of the president over actions, that by law, a president is required to do before approving funds to the Ukraine. He is required to ask about fraud and the Democrats responded with impeachment. Then, as the nation was struggling to rebound from the shutdown, the left unleashed its violent mobs on innocent people, destroying communities and cities throughout the nation. The evil inflicted by these rioters, looters, murderers and cop killers was crippling and made all the more devastating due to a nation already terribly weakened with the shutdown of our great economy. These mobs committed countless crimes with the cost upwards in the tens of millions. The cost in lives and dreams crushed cannot be counted. And yet, no condemnation from the media. No. They shockingly provided the violent mob cover and worked hard to launder and excuse their crimes. The Democrat party respectfully bowed before the warlords and thugs doing all they could to make their rampages easy and trouble free. Never before in our history has a political party become so dark. But they were just warming up. Under the guise of the shutdown, they proceeded to institute the most massive voter fraud operation in American history with the explosion of mail-in ballots. The avalanche of mail-in fraud was added to have the usual illegal voting operations of illegal voters, and massive illegal voter dumps in the middle of the night. As the election approached, they pushed to destroy what little voter integrity protections we had. And they did this illegally with state election changes instituted by judges or bureaucrats which unconstitutionally bypassed the legislative branch. The Democrat crime bosses were so sure of the success of the electoral coup that they openly spoke of its rigged success. Hillary Clinton publicly reminded Biden to never concede, because he will win eventually. They spoke of the red wave of an apparent massive win by Trump, but that the wave would be quelled and Biden would win days after the vote. Biden himself, on October 23rd 2020, spoke of having the greatest election fraud team ever assembled. Hard to be more clear than that going into the election.

So we all witnessed the crime of the century taking place in real time. On election night, the Trump lead was so massive that the Democrat crime bosses had to initiate plan B where the swings states coordinated a stop of the count to reset the Dominion voter fraud machines and to take in illegal votes by the truckload in Detroit, Atlanta, Madison Arizona, Nevada and most infamously, in Philadelphia. They had to force out the election observers, legally required to be present to ensure voter integrity. The fact that they were prevented from observing should have immediately triggered arrests of those Democrat operatives. But as we have witnessed. No arrests. Democrat controlled cities ordered the police to stand down or they were ordered to force out the observers. The courts have willfully failed to uphold the integrity of the election. Judges have shamefully refused to recognize the legal standing of these cases thereby preventing the merits of the case from ever being heard. They have time and again worked to allow these vote fraud operations to be successful and, in the process, deny all Americans the right of clean and honest elections and with that, millions of legal votes cast have been cancelled out. The legislative state houses have all witnessed the tsunami of voter fraud operations in these 5 swing states and they needed to respond forcefully to expose and blow up the electoral coup attempt but to date they have failed.

In the meantime, the media continues to be a colluding weapon that has blocked truthful reporting of the fraud and social media has been turned into the greatest threat to free speech in our history in its quest to steal the election for Biden.

It has been a year where Democrat mobs have ruled the streets and attacked America. They have spilled American blood and they have been celebrated for it. Good people have been hunted down and their lives destroyed by these left-wing fascists. Now they are threatening the legislators, election officials and maybe even the judges. From the unchecked mob violence to the unchecked voter fraud, the common thread remains the Democrat party. The Democrat mob and its rule is ascending. Now, with our elections being determined by Democrat crime bosses with their super voter fraud machines and illegal ballots made in China, our Republic, our Constitution, is hanging by a thread.

2020 is nearing its end. 2021 will be the year our Republic ends maybe forever, or like the Phoenix, we rise out of the ashes and crush the enemies of our nation. May God in his mercy guide us through all this darkness to a good place for our nation. But for that good ending to come to pass, we must be a good people who will stand, gather our forces and face down the rising evil that is the Democrat party.