One of the many subversive groups arising from the ranks of the Left in 2016 was called “By Any Means Necessary.” This title stands as a testament to what the left has put our nation through since that election. The left has declared war on our nation. The Swamp creatures are attacking and spilling American blood frequently without consequences. Everything that the left could have been unleashed these past 4 years, has been unleashed revealing the depths of their criminal and subversive operations and exposing their natural allies in the process. The major news networks can no longer claim the high ground of impartiality. The high-tech fascists of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite and a host of others have exposed themselves to be as heavy handed in their shutdown of American voices that would be the pride of any totalitarian government in the world. Those media companies all will pay a price. My wish is that we bury them in the free market on innovation and competition. We go to their competitors who are now emerging such as MeWe, Parler, and others.

Now comes the left’s crowning achievement. The greatest robbery in history and it was performed right before the eyes of the nation and the world. They destroyed the votes of millions of Americans and created 100,000s of illegal votes even stopping the count when the Trump landslide became apparent. Even their formidable election stealing voting machines could not keep up with the Trump vote, such was the sheer volume of Trump votes in the swing states. SO they stopped the count and forced out the observers who were required to be present specifically to ensure a clean and honest election, and in the cloak of secrecy, they perpetrated the theft of the presidency and with it perhaps ended our nation as ever being a Republic governed by “We the people.”

In the face of such a corrupt, massive and immoral operation, it is so tempting to be overwhelmed and to give up. The media has gone dark, the propaganda organs in Cuban, Venezuela and China would be impressed. They lied and they continue to provide cover for this electoral theft of historic proportions. They are not reporting on any of the bad stuff reflecting on the integrity of this election. The vast social media empire in its unholy alliance with the subversive left has been in overdrive shutting down the truth if it harms Democrat schemes and silencing the voices for the Republic, the Constitution and the rule of law. They worked hard to silence the rallies that support clean and honest elections. The MAGA/Stop the Steal rally in DC this past Sunday was spectacular with 100,000s of people present, but BIG TECH/social media did everything they could to shut this event down. Even reporting that the event was canceled. Imagine if they did not unlawfully used their platforms to crush voices that they do not support, the rally may have garnered millions. This rally was a great demonstration of patriots rising and not being bowed by any obstacle and just finding a way to make serious impact and a way to unify. Such profiles in courage and resolve is a resounding morale booster in these dark and trying times and it is also contagious. Hopefully more contagious than the Chinese Wuhan Virus!

Remember, go to trusted sites. Avoid the mainstream media including Fox News. Look to rally support in Stop the Steal events or coordinate a rally yourself. Now is the time. Announce a rally, and they will come. Donate what you can to the effort to ensure legal votes are counted and fake ones not. The ACLJ and the Trump Campaign are taking this to the courts and any support would be helpful.

Finally, just know this. If any of you had any questions of how a Venezuelan election would look like in America, we have just witnessed it.

With Resolve and Faith
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party