State Senator Stephen H. Martin of Chesterfield County apparently thinks so.
Martin has introduced S.B 812 to amend the Virginia Freedom of Information Act so that names of local government officials/employees could not be identified along with job titles/positions and salaries.
The first question that comes to mind is what business owner/boss does not know exactly who works for him/her and precisely what they are paid ?
Perhaps we need to remind the good Senator and others who think as he does that all these public employees are paid with our tax dollars, making us the business owner/boss and we have a right to know who they are and what they are being paid. Martin’s bill shows once again what happens when you leave anyone in elective office for too long

The consequences of blindly trusting government to do what is ethical is the kind of folly exposed last year in Belle, California where local elected officials were paying themselves extraordinary salaries and benefit packages.
This clearly demonstrated that MORE attention not less must be paid to those we elect to public office.
As former President Reagan so wisely said in negotiating with the Russians, “Trust, but verify ”
Recently in Hanover County the Mechanicsville TEA Party road signs posted the Hanover School Superintendents $194,528 salary–and this does not include another $47,000 in perks.
Other government salaries and job positions are being closely examined in Hanover and surrounding Counties. We intend to continue educating the public on how their money is being spent, in spite of the roadblocks legislators might place in front of us.

I want to use this opportunity to ask all TEA Party members and those that support us to pick up your phone, call your representatives in the House & Senate and tell them to vote NO on S.B 812
Bob Shannon MTP & KWTP