Call Your congressman and tell them that in this time of economic fraud/waste/abuse that we don’t need more.

Much has also been made of the threat of engine-related groundings. In fact, there are no documented instances of fleet-wide groundings in the past 30 years. Such talk is a scare tactic. In addition, an alternate engine won’t help the industrial base. GE is the largest military engine manufacturer with sole-source positions on the F/A-18 and several thousand Black Hawks and Apaches. The majority of suppliers for the F-35 engines are shared by both contractors. It is poor acquisition policy to guarantee business to a robust manufacturer on the basis of a false industrial base argument. Read More

Let our new Congressmen know that they will be held accountable for their votes on wasteful deficit spending.

As soon as February 15th Congress will be voting on a continuing resolution that may include continuing wasteful earmark-style funding for an “alternate engine” for the F-35 fighter jet.  Despite the fact that both President Bush and President Obama, as well as our military, have been consistent that the military does not want and does not plan to use this engine, Congress continues to waste billions on this special interest project.

Contact Congressmen Hurt and Rigell to let them know that we will be watching them on this early test of whether they will follow through on their promises to eliminate wasteful spending or whether they will continue doling out money to special interests while making hollow promises.

Rep. Robert Hurt (VA-05)


Rep. Scott Rigell (VA-02)