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Robert Hurt’s F-35 engine flameout

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By Carole Thorpe Chairwoman of the Jefferson Area Tea Party, Charlottesville VA On February 16th on the floor of the House of Representatives, Congressman Robert Hurt spoke our truth to power for nearly two and a half minutes for the urgent need to cut government spending and reduce the national debt. It was a masterful statement and a bravura performance. Congressman Hurt demonstrated a firm command of the devastating statistics which add up to our nation's crisis, clearly laid out [...]

F-35 “Alternate Engine” Vote

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Call Your congressman and tell them that in this time of economic fraud/waste/abuse that we don't need more. Much has also been made of the threat of engine-related groundings. In fact, there are no documented instances of fleet-wide groundings in the past 30 years. Such talk is a scare tactic. In addition, an alternate engine won’t help the industrial base. GE is the largest military engine manufacturer with sole-source positions on the F/A-18 and several thousand Black Hawks and Apaches. [...]

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Cutting Spending…Military Spending Too

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There is a war even within "conservatism", it surrounds spending cuts for the Military. Sometimes trimming the fat can be a good thing. Just ask Oprah. In all seriousness, isn't it time we look long and hard at spending cuts for the military? If we are serious about getting rid of fraud/waste/abuse in government then we can't leave out one of the largest budget items on the list. Currently the Military is debating the "alternate engine" for the F-35. A [...]

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