Tie Our Hands…Or Else!

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Try as we may, keeping a handle on the stupidity in Washington is a daunting task! Our former 5th District Congressman, Tom Perriello, said ”If you don’t tie our hands, we’ll keep on stealing”. We never tied his hands but did get his butt out of our business and district. That, being a plus for [...]

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Understanding Money

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I received this via email today. An easy way to understand the national debt and spending beyond your means. You likely understand the concept already so send this to a politician. Personally I look at the whole issue and can only laugh. In a sad way. Because when people say "MY" share of the national [...]

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F-35 “Alternate Engine” Vote

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Call Your congressman and tell them that in this time of economic fraud/waste/abuse that we don't need more. Much has also been made of the threat of engine-related groundings. In fact, there are no documented instances of fleet-wide groundings in the past 30 years. Such talk is a scare tactic. In addition, an alternate engine won’t help the industrial base. GE is the largest military engine manufacturer with sole-source positions on the F/A-18 and several thousand Black Hawks and Apaches. [...]

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