Grace-Marie Turner, the President of the Galen Institute, concluded the VQH Forum with a presentation entitled Moving Forward With Fresh Ideas and a New Vision for Health Reform. Ms. Turner founded the Galen Institute in 1995 to promote a conversation over free-market ideas in the health sector.

Ms. Turner pointed out that Obamacare has been changed 40 times since its enactment:

  • The President made 22 changes unilaterally without the authority of law.
  • Congress passed 16-18 changes, which the President signed into law.
  • The Supreme Court made two changes.

Moreover, the 2,700-page law authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to change the law in 2,000 places.


In setting the stage for describing an improved healthcare approach, Ms. Turner identified numerous shortcomings of Obamacare….continued

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