Dear Virginia Tea Party Patriots, Emma Capps is a 16 year old from Richmond, Virginia who likes to play tennis, read, write, and participate in clubs such as Model UN and Model Judiciary. She has also developed a passion for politics and has become very engaged in conservative causes. She has created a website called Publius Post ( where she blogs about her perspectives and experiences as a young conservative. I encourage all of you to check out what she has done.

Emma has also volunteered to help the campaigns of conservatives such as Dr. Ben Carson and Virginia Congressman Dave Brat, and she has recently interned for Gretchen Carlson at Fox News in New York and Colonel Allen West at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Dallas. I am going to turn it over to Emma to explain why we are contacting you today:

“On March 31, Virginia State Trooper Chad Dermyer was shot and killed by James Brown III at the Greyhound Bus Station here in Richmond during a training session. Dermyer, a Marine Corps veteran and police officer, unjustifiably lost his life while bravely serving our country and protecting our community. I was devastated to hear of the tragic shooting, and I knew I had to take action for Trooper Dermyer and police to honor them.

So far in 2016, 16 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed. That number is up 129% from this time last year. Sadly, some Americans have instituted a War on Police. It is up to us to show the police we are on their side.

I am hosting a Blue Lives Matter Rally on Saturday, April 9 from 11 AM – 1 PM in front of the Flying Squirrels stadium to show our law enforcement officers we stand behind them. The event’s purpose is to honor and thank our law enforcement, especially Trooper Dermyer and others who have lost their life in the line of duty.I am reaching out to you to see if you would like to join us at the event to show your support.

Also, please spread the word to anyone you know who would be interested in attending.

You can find more information about the rally on my Facebook Event page:

Thank you very much for your consideration.”

Sincerely, Emma Capps


Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation supports Emma’s efforts to recognize the sacrifices of our law enforcement personnel, and hopes you can make some time to come out and show your support at the Blue Lives Matter Rally on Saturday, April 9th from 11am – 1pm. The event will be held at The Richmond Flying Squirrels Stadium located at The Diamond, 3001 North Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230.

In Liberty,Cam Jones
Communications Chairman
Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation