Dear Virginia Tea Party Patriots,

John Taylor, fighter for individual liberty, capitalism, private property, and constitutionally-limited government died in the hospital on the evening of April 6th in Augusta County. John is survived by his wife, Lynn, sons Caleb, Joshua, and Zachary, and two granddaughters, Audea and Olivia.

John and his wife, Lynn, founded and led The Virginia Institute for Public Policy and The Tertium Quids. The Virginia Institute focused on research, education, and public policy. The Tertium Quids is a nonpartisan issue advocacy organization that supports conservative activists. Tea Party leaders may remember the TQ bumper sticker, Raise My Taxes—Lose My Vote.

John was a frequent speaker at local Tea Party meetings, as well as VTP summit meetings and annual conferences. Many Tea Party leaders remember John’s clever and humorous roast of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli during the 2011 VTP Annual Conference. In addition, John was a great source of advice to Tea Party leaders in their efforts to influence public policy, especially in the Virginia General Assembly.

John was prolific in his efforts to spread the blessings of liberty by featuring speakers, experts, and conservative candidates during his Tuesday Morning Group monthly meetings in Richmond, and by sponsoring the weekly Freedom and Prosperity radio program.

The Virginia Tea Party movement is indebted to John and Lynn’s efforts to promote liberty in the Commonwealth. The best tribute to honor John is to engage more Virginians into the Tea Party to fight expansive and expensive government at the federal, state, and local levels.

A memorial service is being planned, and once details are available we will send another announcement.

You may send cards and notes to:

Lynn Taylor
282 Bald Rock Road
Verona, VA 24482

UPDATE: Memorial Service

For all of my father’s friends,

Please join us for a Memorial Service in honor of my father, John Taylor, to be held at the Hanover Tavern in Hanover, Virginia, north of Richmond. The Memorial Service will begin at 2:00 pm on Tuesday the 12th of April, followed by a reception in the fittingly titled “Taylor Room.”

My mother, brothers and I felt this venue so fitting given my father’s adoration of both history and bourbon in equal measure. We welcome all who held my father in love and esteem to join us to honor his life and work.

Our family requests that, in lieu of flowers, you consider supporting my father’s passion for Liberty. For the last 20 years my father and mother have fought for the freedom of Virginians – all Virginians. They built the Virginia Institute for Public Policy into a force for self-governance in the Commonwealth and it is my mother’s desire to assume this mantle fully and continue the fight on my father’s behalf. For that reason we ask you to consider making a donation that will sow seeds of freedom rather than send flowers that will wilt in days. We also covet your prayers for my mother as the Virginia Institute prepares for the future.

With sincerest thanks,

Caleb Taylor

The Eldest Son
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Hanover Tavern
13181 Hanover Courthouse Rd.
Hanover, VA 23069