It was 2009.

It was the best of times for those who cheered for hope and change. For a few, it was the worst of times. For these few, it began as a time of great despair and hopelessness. And for these few, America still remained a Republic wedded to the Constitution. America had just voted for President the most radical Democrat in the Senate. He had the background to make him the most subversive President in American history. The left celebrated the promise of fundamental change of our American heritage and the subjugation of individual freedoms to the whims of the “collective”. Khrushchev’s vision of an America willingly giving up its rights and freedoms never seemed so close to fruition. The Democrat party, which had long ago evolved into the party of subversion, had control of the House, Senate and the Presidency. There was no hope for a final reprieve. Then, quite suddenly, out of this dark tomb of despair, a miracle happened. Out of the backyards, kitchen tables, and living rooms across the nation, the voices of freedom rose and resonated across the land. Those voices sang to our American Heritage, our Constitution and our legacy of freedom. The chorus of voices reminded the people of who we were and where we came from as a free nation. So massive was this uprising, that the very foundations of power shook and nothing, and no one, could stop it.

The Tea Party was born from these simple and honest beginnings. It issued forth from the good and the faithful across the nation; its impact was profound and historic. There was an urgency and a fear for America. The Tea Party has been the last great freedom movement of this nation, but also, it still remains the last great freedom movement of the world. This has been our contribution to our nation and this will continue to be our legacy to the world.

We faced opposition and attacks that no other patriotic grass roots movement has ever faced in our nation. With a President that could abuse power at historic levels without a viable media as a check, powerful government bureaucracies were weaponized and their terrible guns turned on the fledgling tea parties across the country. Sunshine patriots and summer warriors wilted under this terrible barrage. But the winter warriors that weathered this crucible became all the more battle tested, accomplished and effective.

I am one of those who joined this freedom movement at its birth and founded a tea party as part of the Hampton Roads Tea Party. At the beginning, I knew nothing of political operations. I certainly never wanted to cause trouble or discontent. What had guided me was the foundational principles on which our nation was founded. It was that beacon that lit the way and guided me on the stands we took. It was all most of us had back then. It is all we really need now. I have such respect and admiration for all who have ever been a part of this movement from sunshine patriot to the grizzled winter warrior. It has been a great blessing to stand with all of you as we fought for the Republic and the Constitution. Although you may never be acknowledged for all you have done, let me now affirm and celebrate your place in American history for all your work and sacrifice for our freedoms and for our Republic.

This year the Tea Party Freedom Movement celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Let us join together throughout the year in celebration of this important milestone, and in affirmation of the work that each of us made during these historic times. Look to come together in your meetings throughout the state, in your communities, towns and cities. Together, take this time to reflect on the achievements, your memorable moments and good works over these years. Break out all those pictures taken and video filmed of your shinning moments. lets share these retrospectives with each other. Reach out to old friends, reconnect to those who have left us and even contact those early sunshine patriots to once again stand side by side with us in unity of spirit and conviction as we complete our 1st decade on the historical stage. As your newly elected Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party, I salute each of you for a job done with honor and integrity and revel in your indomitable spirit. I am very grateful to have been a part of this great freedom movement and look to a future where we remain a force of substance, impact and influence.

With Abundant Appreciation and Gratitude,

Nelson Velez


Virginia Tea Party