This last decade has been one of incredible changes at lightning speed. Some of these changes have been good ones, some not so good, as with all things, change happens and we adjust as part of life. In some cases, there are malignant changes that threaten the stability and viability of a people. In these last 10 years, we have witnessed these malignant threats and so nihilistic were some of the changes, we rose in unison to counter it and undo the damage. We have in many ways tasted some victories on many of these critical fronts, especially in the last 2 years.

The Tea Party has in many ways been the godsend for our Republic and our Constitution. I shudder to think of what our nation would look like had there never been a Tea Party in the face of the full Democrat control of both chambers of Congress teamed up with the radical Obama Presidency over a decade ago. We now witness the rise of socialism whose advocates in confidence are removing their masks and publicly embracing this dark and genocidal ideology. From eliminating our borders, to the rise of outlaw cities throughout the nation suspending the law on behalf of a foreign class of aliens at the expense of legal citizens, to outright treason, as the Democrat party attempted to subvert the 2016 presidential election and then attempted a silent coup on a duly elected president, we bear witness to the emergence of a Democrat party so extreme that they threaten our very existence as a Constitutional Republic and promises to replace it with an Antifa thugocracy.

Our next Summit will be in September. We remain in celebration of our 10th year anniversary and would very much like this summit to be like the last one- a gathering in an atmosphere of optimism and confidence in the affirmation of our purpose in defending the Republic and the Constitution. We will affirm our positive impact and embrace the culture of winning. Winning is contagious and we want this contagion to spread like wild fire to ensure that Democrats fail this November in their attempt to capture the House or the Senate. Our theme will be embracing Victory in this our 10th year and we are working to make some of the topics pragmatic and empowering to those working on electing good people to office as well as bringing in some notable and powerful speakers. Please join us as we showcase tools and strategies that will enhance our good people in winning in this vital election for our state and help celebrate, possibly for one last time, all of you in this, our 10th anniversary year of the Tea Party movement.

With Appreciation & Gratitude,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party