I have always felt blessed to be able to recognize the good and the eternal truths from the bad and deranged and not be confused over the confusion of others. The Tea Party and other patriot groups have been steadfast in their knowing and defending their convictions and their foundational principals. They have stayed the course over the last 10 years in the face of unprecedented attacks and, in some cases, up close and personal destruction. Whether by weaponized powerful government agencies or by paid rioters from Occupy Wall street, to Black Lives Matters to ANTIFA, the left has had the deep pockets to fund the street thugs and the media to cover up these abuses of power and decency. We bear personal witness to many of these terrible and accurate facts. Some of us believe that the acts of violence and abuse to countless innocent people, our communities, even the relentless attacks on our law enforcement officers, are just a prelude, a dress rehearsal, for the carnage to come in the 2020 election cycle. If that becomes the case, we will need one another more than ever. And not just from within our own faithful, but we will need to team with all natural allies that support the Constitution, the rule of law and the Republic. And we need to do this now.

On Saturday, September 28, 2019 we will take our much deserved final bow celebrating our 10 year Anniversary. It is good that we remain a strong committed force for the Constitution and our Republic. We need to embrace our courage and relentlessness and bring it all to bear in the coming year, but for right now, let us really look to enjoy and appreciate one another for all its worth at this Virginia Tea Party summit. It may just be the lull before the storm. So, I hope that all of you can make it to this summit. We offer a strong and inspirational lineup. After all, this one is about us. It is our affirmation to one another and this Republic. And it will be informative, engaging, riveting and most of all…fun!

It is the kind of summit I hope will give each of you a strong sense of your importance and historical place in the keeping our of Republic.

With Abiding Gratitude & Appreciation,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party