Over the past several years, we have witnessed the proliferation of left wing groups in Virginia. With growing alarm, we watched the escalation of their aggressive intimidation tactics, and through it all, tracked the seemingly bottomless stream of money coming in from leftist billionaires, leftist organizations and even foreign governments (i.e. the Chinese). Armed with their bountiful resources, they found success in picking off elected offices in Virginia for over the last 2 years with candidates that were overtly inferior in many cases. With a major assist from a left wing activist from Berkeley California to redraw our electoral districts, the electoral fix was in. There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth on what the opposition to this left wing takeover of Virginia did not do, particularly the RPV, but there can be no doubt that with the overwhelming firepower that the left was able to bring to bear on our state, it would have been a near impossible task to defeat their efforts. And so, for the last 2 years, there has been the steady diet of defeat and loss.

But then there was the November election. And in the aftermath, the worst fears were realized as those newly elected democrats rolled out their bills taking aim at very real constitutional rights particularly the 2nd amendment. Then, a very strange thing happened during the left’s victory lap. A movement arose. A movement that was predicated on our freedom and in defending and protecting our Constitution. This movement caught fire and spread in lighting fashion across the state. The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution has now reached over 117 cities, towns and counties. When we hit 103, we reached the 75% threshold of all municipalities in Virginia, which is a decisive landslide victory for the Constitution by any definition. The spirit of freedom is alive and well in Virginia. We should be proud of our fellow citizens in responding to the challenge. This 2nd Amendment Resolution movement is history in the making. We should celebrate with pride those who continue to rise and meet this constitutional crisis head on. The Tea Party is filled with the same spirit and it was with that same spirit we rose. We stand with all patriots who will fight for freedom sake, even when it is our own government that poses the greatest threat.

Operation Freedom Shield is just a catchy title that I have used to name what we are doing in opposition to whatever bill may be passed threatening our Constitution. The 1st phase of Operation Freedom Shield was to gather as many towns, cities and municipalities to voting to protect and defend our Constitution against unconstitutional bills. That phase is virtually complete with breath taking success. Phase II is the public rally in Richmond gathering as many patriots as possible. On January, 20th, 2020 our good ally, the VCDL has organized a rally; we hope the numbers reach historic record-breaking levels. The 3rd phase is each patriot group meeting with your local sheriff. He is our last line of defense against threats to our rights and freedoms and he is a constitutional officer. We need to know where he stands with his oath to the constitution. Through all of this, it remains of paramount importance that we as a freedom movement, as the Tea Party, remain strong and vocal. The Tea Party and her natural allies need to close ranks now and form a unity front. 2020 is shaping up to be a year of incredible and historical meaning. Let’s determine to shape our history toward freedom now and for generations to come.

With Appreciation & Resolve,
Nelson Velez