Thomas Jefferson proclaimed his stance on liberty when he wrote “I prefer dangerous Freedom over peaceful slavery”. How do we feel about that choice now? Is freedom an eternal principle or is it only eternal until a good crisis comes along? Do freedoms only remain real if the conditions are right? Do we enjoy eternal principles only until someone gets sick and then they can be suspended for everyone? What about our rights and freedoms? Do we have them only to keep comfortable until the Governor decides whether or not to kill it?

These nagging questions which have been simmering are starting to bubble to the surface and heat up as the shutdown wreaks havoc on American life. There is a time when a tipping point is reached, when the remedy, as pointed out by President Trump, starts to kill the patient. We all have been watching America’s shutdown closely, and in Virginia, considering the kind of questionable and disturbing governance we have voted into office, we all have good reason to keep these officials on a leash so short, a microscope would strain to see it. Rumblings are beginning. Like the Re-Open Virginia movement that is demanding to open back our state and criticizing some of the radical legislation recently voted into law. Re-Open Virginia had a protest rally in Richmond when our General Assembly reconvened. We the People are becoming increasingly alarmed and uneasy about the damage being inflicted on our free markets. Damage, that if sustained, may become permanent for many.

This is the year of sledgehammer government where the impeachment process has been weaponized and our businesses, culture, our very lives are being crushed. We might have to learn to live without toilet paper!! In Virginia, from the beginning of the Democrats entering power in the General Assembly, the politics of submission and compliance have been the order of the day. Beginning with the threat of the Democrats’ gutting of our 2nd amendment rights, We the People, rose and stood our ground. This always seems to surprise Democrats in power when it happens and confounds the execution of their radical agendas. At this point the Virginia Tea Party has decided to up its game by adding a new tool in our toolbox.

The Virginia Tea Party debuted its series of issue driven programming on Facebook Live last Thursday and it enjoyed a surprisingly large viewership and good reviews. Our digital forum launched its maiden voyage by showcasing the relentless and courageous Phil Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, who discussed the eruption of the backlash to the Democrats’ radical agenda against the 2nd amendment. He was the heart and center of this movement which brought the newly elected subversives to account before they could even finish celebrating their election night victory dance. That uprising was as historical as it was magnificent. The newly elected majority party entering into power in the statehouse had a honeymoon period that lasted as long as the counting of their winning votes on election night. Then, massive waves of protests blazing from almost every square inch of the state brought home to them that freedom was not yet dead in the home of Jefferson, Madison and Washington. The uprising forced 98% of all the towns, counties and districts in Virginia to vote for resolutions to protect themselves from any unconstitutional measure that would be passed. Our Facebook Live event was engaging and full of substance and insight in what we have done, what we are doing now and what we will continue to do in the future in dealing with a radical government that is openly hostile to our rights, freedoms and way of life. It was a great start. We will be hard pressed to surpass that great beginning, but we believe that we have already lined up a worthy encore.

On Thursday, April 30th, 2020 at 7:30 pm-8:30 pm, we will sponsor Virginia’s 1st and only, Senatorial Debate on Facebook Live featuring the three candidates that are on the ballot in the GOP primary. Alissa Baldwin, Daniel Gade & Thomas Speciale, will present their case for taking on Senator Mark Warner. This event promises to be engaging and intense as it is critical for each of the candidates to make a powerful and profound impact on this night. Please join us for this evening where the stakes could not be higher for the prospects for our state as well as for these candidates.

We are facing an unprecedented usurpation of power in this national emergency. In Virginia, our plight is particularly worrisome in light of the radical and dangerous representatives that now comprise the majority party in power which aligns itself quite comfortably with a Governor, Lt Governor and Attorney General who have abused power and our trust with ease. The climate in Virginia for subverting our rights and freedoms has never been so pervasive and the threat to all of us has never been so dire. The virus is serious, but so is our Republic. We must be vigilant, strong and take care that these rights and freedoms are returned intact back to whom it belongs. That would be you, me, and all future generations to come.

With Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party – A Coalition for Freedom