What will happen the day after the election? What will our nation look like after the votes are counted? Will the party that denied the results of the 2016 election accept a re-election of Trump? Will the party that denied our nation a peaceful transfer of presidential power for the 1st time in history, allow for the continuation of a duly elected president whose election they rejected 4 years ago? Will the party who has held the nation hostage to orchestrated chaos and violence for so long finally bend to the will of the people? It has not been just Republican against Democrat. It has not been about right versus left or even between conservative against liberal. No. It really has been about right versus wrong, sanity versus crazy, and in the truest sense, good versus evil. If we are to keep our Republic, then we must fully engage against the left-wing mobs which operate both in the streets and in the halls of government. The Democrat mobs and the Democrat leadership have openly declared war on our Republic inflicting their terrible acts of destruction and killing across the nation, as well as their 4-year effort to illegally remove the president from office. IT would be a terrible tragedy of historic proportions to reward these acts of treason and malice by voting them into office.

As a result of the gains made by the left, we are finding our nation progressively moving away from our Republic for which we all once stood and towards the inhumanity of socialism. There has been a steady progression in the course of our human events that are driving us towards slavery on the welfare state plantation and away from the freedom of our Republic. The battle lines remain in the choice between the dictatorial peace of slavery or the edgy danger of freedom. That choice lies in the heart of the kind of people we are becoming. If we are to remain a Republic, we must return to the strength of character that only emerges from a people who are self-reliant, responsible and faithful. A Republic can’t stand in a nation where people are dependent on government to take from others and give to them. It can’t exist where people recoil from responsibility and reject their role in shaping their own future. Our Republic will not survive a people who chose to irresponsibly concede everything to the government in the quest to be less accountable. This has been the vicious cycle that we have been in for a long time. And as government takes more from us and ensnares us in that cycle of dependency, we become a lost, ever selfish and petty people. Ultimately, a government allowed to become powerful enough to grant you everything is a government powerful enough to take it all away.

What made America great was that her people were good. And because her people were good, it allowed for all the great blessings that followed our founding. Those blessings can be forsaken at any time we decide that they are not worth fighting for. In less than a month, a defining decision will be made for these United States. Regardless of the decision, whether made by the people in a clean election or by massive voter fraud instituted by the Democrat party, the Tea Party will remain resolute and committed to our Republic. WE are calling for all those who support the Constitution and the rule of law, to rise and be unwavering in keeping our nation a Republic. All freedom groups, all people of good faith, all men of good will, need to look to connect with one another and stand as a united and powerful force to withstand the terrible firestorm that will threaten to consume us in the aftermath of the election. Contact the Tea Party now. Get connected with us now. If there are good local groups in your area, contact them, and then let us know. We are looking to keep track and build this common ground coalition from the ground up and from the top down. It begins with making contact with each other to set the plans in motion for preventing the mobs from taking over our nation. It is a national disgrace that mobs were ever allowed to inflict their evil on an unprotected populace, we will not allow that to happen again without a fight. Let’s begin the process of protecting our nation together now. In so many ways, the final days are upon us, and the present times demand of us our full measure united as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

With Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party